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William Elliott Whitmore & Samantha Crain are touring together in the United States, and will be playing their recognized folk/country tunes in many different states this season, including New York, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Orlando, Tampa, Phoenix, Los Angeles, San Francisco and many others. Whitmore is one of the best established American blues musician and singer, who has recorded many albums since 1999 and is now a member of the Anti Records family. His work is mostly driven by the guitar or the banjo while alongside performing vocals, in addition to which he sometimes plays a cappella. Although he has garnered considerable critical acclaim in the alt-country, blues and folk genres, his sound is also embedded in the hardcore punk styles since he has paid homage to world famous band Bad Religion. Crain too is a folk rock singer-songwriter, who is known to currently be playing with bassist Penny Hill and drummer Anne Lillis. The artist has also played as a part of the band Samantha Crain & the Midnight Shiver, which was originally signed with Ramseur Records.  She has also worked with several other musicians as part of her backing band, including Laura Ortman, Beth Bombara, Sherree Chamberlain, Ben Wigler, Eric Nauni, James Phillips, Joey Lemon, Josh Timberlake, Nathan Price, Eric Arndt, Jesse Aycock, Kyle Reid and Daniel Foulks. Whitmore and Crain, who are touring as part of Whitmore’s fall tour, have left folk fans talking about William Elliott Whitmore & Samantha Crain tickets as the new sound treat.

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About William Elliott Whitmore Samantha Crain

Whitmore, who comes from a horse farm near the Mississippi River, came to develop a strongly nurturing spiritual bond with land, the sense of which he often portrays in all of his records. The Lee  County-based artist has had the opportunity of touring with the likes of The Low Anthem, Frank Turner, Frontier Ruckus, Modern Life is War, Red Sparowes, Converge, Lucero, Clutch, Murder By Death, The Pogues, City and Color and Chris Cornell. He released his debut album called Jarrett Mitchell Demo Album in 1999, from whereon he went further to issue the studio offering titled Calendar Club of Fun and Danger in 2001. William Elliott Whitmore & Samantha Crain tour will bring country fans across the artist whose dark yet optimistic and thoughtful lyrics have inspired country fans across America.
In 2003, the maestro released Hymns for the Hopeless, which though features songs with painful conclusion or tragic narratives, reflect some good where the listener leaves with inspiration after having confronted his demons; for example The Louvin Brothers, Ralph Stanley, Minor Heart and Captain Beefheart. Whitmore’s other releases include Ashes to Dust, Hiram and Huddie, Fields Songs, Song of the Blackbird and Animals in the Dark, among which the latter marks a milestone where the artist focuses less on the happenings inside his horse farm and more on the political turmoil of the government of the state country. In this album, Whitmore has communicated a certain humor and ire while singing to a martial beat.  This album is reported to have peaked at number fifty on Billboard Heatseekers charts.  William Elliott Whitmore & Samantha Crain show will hopefully feature many of these intense chart-climbing tunes.
Crain, the second act from the upcoming William Elliott Whitmore & Samantha Crain show, released her first LP titled Songs in the Night, which received critical praise with Rolling Stone magazine quoting her voice to be ‘gorgeously odd’, and reviewed her material to be above three out of five. She has collaborated with other prominent artists on whose albums she has contributed her voice, including Murder by Death and Beau Jennings. She has also established herself as quite a live performer with her heavy touring routines since 2006, having performed with Ali Harter, Berry, Beth Bombara, Jessica Lea Mayfield, Ben Kweller, Josh Ritter, Meiko, Paleface, American Aquarium, Chris Bathgate, First Aid it, Ben Weaver, The Avett Brothers, Kaki Kings, Sara Watkins and many more. Crain and Whitmore are two well-experience artists who sure known how to hold a crowd with their mere presence, so do book some cheap William Elliott Whitmore & Samantha Crain tickets and be there.

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