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With the release of their 10th album just around the corner, Weezer unveiled fourth track from “The White Album”. LA Girlz takes the listeners back to the initial years of the band, featuring sweeping guitars and poignant lyrics with a sense of longing. Earlier the band treated the fans to three songs from the unreleased album, and it clearly shows that it’s more of a return to form record than an innovative album.

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Weezer Announce Tour Ahead Of Album Release - Weezer Wantagh Tickets In Demand

“The White Album” will hit the shelves on April 1, following which the band will board the tour bus for a North American trek. They will be joined by Panic! At The Disco on this tour and together the rock ensembles will show the fans a great time.

Weezer has come a long way since their entry into the industry and impressed many with their debut “The Blue Album”. The initial impression they gave was that of a dorky, eccentric group that looked like anything but a rock band – nerdy glasses and casual t-shirts. They let their music do the talking and critics and fans had no choice but to laud their efforts. With every album the band has shown a lot of maturity and has experimented with their style. The new album will bring them back to the basics, featuring songs that are reminiscent of their earlier hits. Listen to the live version of their latest songs “King of the World” and “Thank God for Girls”.