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It has long been said that you should always stay true to yourself and do things your own way. Very few bands personify this statement as much as Weezer, the quirky rock band that has been making their own brand of unique music for over twenty five years now. With yet another record in the making, the group proves yet again that originality and quality trumps everything else in the long run, especially in the music industry.     

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The Good Life

The group was formed by Rivers Cuomo (guitar), Patrick Wilson (drums), Jason Cropper (guitar) and Matt Sharp (bass). The former three first met when they got together to form a band called “Sixty Wrong Sausages.” They found some success in the local market and played quite a few shows before calling it quits in 1991. However the three friends kept playing together and by 1992 had added Sharp to the lineup to officially form Weezer.   

Back to the Shack

After making a total of nine albums to date, Weezer recently announced their plans for a tenth record, called the ‘White Album.’ In order to promote this album, they have also announced plans to head out on tour with another popular rock band, ‘Panic at the Disco.’

Their “Weezer & Panic! at the Disco Summer Tour 2016” is set to begin in June at the Woodlands in Texas and will take them across the country. If you don’t want to miss this opportunity, then get your Weezer Miami tickets and enjoy the show, live at the Klipsch Amphitheatre.