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Several bands have a signature sound that they stick to throughout. Then there are bands like Weezer who like to experiment and come up with something new and innovative every time they make a new album. This has helped them sell almost ten million records in the US and is likely to help them sell many more in the future.

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About Weezer Corpus Christi Tickets

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The band was formed back in 1992 by a group of talented musicians, who would go on to sign their first recording contract a year later. They released their first album, titled “Weezer” in 1994 and it went to become an unexpected hit. It was certified multi-platinum in the US and Canada, and managed to sell almost seven million copies around the world.

It also started the band’s trend of not specifically naming a few of their albums, making them only distinguishable by the color on their covers. As such their debut album is also known as the ‘Blue Album’, while their 2001 and 2008 releases are known as the Green and Red albums respectively.  

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The band has released nine albums in total, of which three have been certified platinum and two have recorded over five hundred thousand sales in the US. All of them have also made it into the top twenty of the Billboard charts and even helped them win a Grammy Award in 2009. Now that they are heading on a concert tour, you can watch them on stage as well. Just book your Weezer Corpus Christi tickets and head on down to the Old Concrete Street Amphitheater their live show.