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The musical chameleons, Ween, are up to their old tricks again. The Pennsylvania duo has been around since the mid-80s, shredding apart the traditionally aching heart of pop with a bratty disdain so forceful, that constructive satire is now a thing of the past. First as groundbreakers of indie alternative, then leading exponents of lo-fi, & then incorporating the surreal steel of neo-psychedelic rock; Ween has reveled in its deconstructionist nature with a string of delirious satirical numbers that showcase the instrumental mastery & prodigious talent of the band.  Aaron Freeman (guitar/vocals) & Michael Melchiondo (guitar/vocals) have never looked back once they assumed the aliases of Gene Ween & Dean Ween respectively. Ween remain an enigma to mainstream rock fans by choice, refusing to market their albums enthusiastically & focusing instead on a musical style that never minces words. Regardless of that, their concerts muster many thousands of diligent followers wielding their Ween tickets, as will most assuredly be evidenced when the Halloween party returns to the 1st Bank Theater in Broomfield, Colorado.

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Ween kicked off when New Hope, Bucks County, Pennsylvania natives Aaron Freeman & Michael Melchiondo met in a junior high school typing class in 1984. The 14-year-olds did not get along much at first but musical discussions bonded them together. Melchiondo’s vast insight on music of various genres inspired the duo to start jamming in his bedroom as he played out gut-busting guitar tunes to open chords while Freeman sang the lyrics (presumably as ordained by their demon god Boognish, a part of the duo’s self-created Ween mythology). Freeman, working as Synthetic Socks, issued his own eponymous 1987 solo cassette on the TeenBeat label, yet under the names Dean & Gene Ween, the duo rattled along six independent, anarchic, freestyle home releases from 1986 to 1989. Advocates of a free-spirited drug-laced humor & a musical sound centering around drum machines & complex pitch-tweaked guitars, Ween continued the effect when they signed with Twin/Tone Records & released their first major label offering, GodWeenSatan: Oneness in 1990, following which they shifted to Elektra. Courting controversy with some of their album cover art for The Pod, Ween went on to shift focus to their experimental brand of music. A 70s-inspired foray into pop & soul was followed by country themed albums. Ween also shot to the other end of the spectrum with the dark & surreal The Mollusk. Signing with Sanctuary Records in 2003, Ween released an album with the label before releasing Shinola, Vol.1 under their own Chocodog label. Retiring to an old farmhouse which was converted into a recording studio, Ween produced one further album with bassist/producer Andrew Weiss, & is scheduled to start work on a follow-up this winter.

Soon after Ween had exploded into life in the jam sessions at Melchiondo’s apartment, home recordings embodying the freestyle liberated approach of the band started appearing. The Crucial Squeegie Lip (1986), Mrs. Slack (1987), Axis: Bold as Boognish (1987), Erica Peterson's Flaming Crib Death (1987), The Live Brain Wedgie/WAD (1988), & Prime 5 (1989) consisted of bustling alternative rock tracks laden with expletives & attitude. GodWeenSatan: The Oneness was Ween’s proper major debut, hitting hard on the basis of its punk feel with “You Fucked Up”. The Pod landed another offering of drifting dementia, wandering between realms of consciousness with songs like “Captain Fantasy”. Bordering on the unbelievably eccentric, “Push th’ Little Daisies” from Pure Guava became a #18 Australian & #21 Billboard Hot Modern Rock Charts hit. The same charts had “Voodoo Lady” from Chocolate & Cheese reach #32. The latter was a wildly ranging album in terms of genre experimentation. 12 Golden Country Greats was markedly more sober, with a country Nashville studio musicians based theme. 1997's The Mollusk was a mock-progressive concept album that proved to be their finest work. “Piss up a Rope” & “Even If You Don’t” became big hits for Ween followers before the band changed labels.

Ween tickets have been selling like hot cakes for their performances. Six live albums since 1999 have thrilled Ween fans, & the duo’s instrumental mastery is unquestionable. Ween has performed across America & Europe, including a live album on a Netherlands performance. Shows at Broomfield, Bloomington & Lexington are on the cards. With some stunning instrumental exhibitions, gilt-edged mocking lyrics & a commendable non-commercial commitment, Ween’s music philosophy is refreshing after one gets past the initial verbal & emotional barrage. It promises to be a rollicking ride for lucky fans with Ween tickets.

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