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Tycho & The Album Leaf are coming together to perform some of the most wildly anticipated electronic music shows as part of the Tycho Fall Tour, which will run all over the United States beginning in Los Angeles, and making stopovers across twenty-four states, before ending in San Francisco. Tycho is the title of the music projects by San Francisco-based producer and artist Scott Hansen who is known for transforming twirling melodies into ‘triumphant arcs’, which may be said to present vocals samples punctuated by stuttering beats.  Some of his biggest hits include the singles Hours, Cascade, Coastal Brake, The Daydream, and Adrift, of which the latter two are characterized with heavily guitar-oriented point of ascent.

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About Tycho The Album Leaf

The Album Leaf, much like Tycho, is a music project by San Diego-based Jimmy LaValle who is recognized for dense use of Rhodes piano and synthesizer in his electronic style and his live performances are most often marked with projected visual art. His most recent studio albums include A Chorus of Storytellers, Into the Blue Again, In a Safe Place and One Day I’ll be on Time. The two electronic acts have wreck havoc among the genre’s fans with their Tycho & The Album Leaf tickets, which are counted among the most sought-after treats from electronic music world.
Tycho, who is the younger act from Tycho & The Album Leaf shows, stepped into the realm of electronic music in 2002 with his EP called The Science of Patterns, which two years later was followed by his first full length studio offering Sunrise Projector. He gained good attention from the critics and in 2006, released his next album Past Is Prologue with Miami-based Merck records that are known for their IDM imprint. In 2008, the artist was listed among URB publications’ list of Next Hundred acts to watch. Since the mid of 2007, he has been busy releasing tropical flavored singles that feature more live instrumentation that whistles and tingles to the core.
In 2011, Tycho released his heavily detailed, and carefully structured new album called DIVE, which is considered to surpass all his previous endeavors with tracks like Adrift, Daydream, the hopeful melody titled A Walk and the alluring eight minutes long title track, which has been described as wildly expressive and expansive carrying on with a tone of poetry; the album has been called Tycho’s most musically diverse statement that awakens the spirit to a timelessness that hold the past, present and future. Hansen himself has quoted that though nostalgia is a common thematic element of this work, DIVE was not motivated by that. It instead, presents songs that may be looked at as artifacts from that future which has more in common with the past than the present. Tycho & The Album Leaf show will feature many such tunes from Hansen’s DIVE.
The Album Leaf started in 1988, as the solo work by Jimmy LaValle who had already been playing for a post-rock, San Diego based band Tristeza. The artist had also played in many other local bands, such as GoGoGo Airheart, Swing Kids, The Locust and The Crimson Curse. The Album Leaf debuted with the album An Orchestrated Rise to Fall, which established his vision of ethereal landscape even though the recording was the rough. His fourth studio album A Chorus of Storytellers, truly encapsulates his ability as a recording artist, with its eleven tracks being all crisp and beautifully complex as reflected in Stand Still, Tied Knots, We Are, Almost There, Perro and Within Dreams among other songs.
Tycho & The Album Leaf show is wildly awaited since the two will make quite a combination with the two musician’s very similar vision of sound and Album Leaf’s breathtaking visual presentations slipping alongside. Don’t miss your chance to get hold of some cheap Tycho & The Album Leaf tickets, so you too can experience the intense sea-like roll of the their electronic beats.

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