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San Francisco-based Two Gallants are a folk rock duo that has been performing together since 2002, with a sound that makes them come across as more of a dirt-ridden Southern folk act instead of the Bay Area origination they can claim. In 2002, the two released their debut studio offering The Throes on Live Records, following which they immediately began touring and performing more while working on their next record which was released after two years on Saddle Creek, titled What the Toll Tells. This album produced two of their big singles Steady Rollin and Las Cruces Jail. They have also released tow EPs titled Nothing to You and The Scenery of Farwell in 2006 and 2007, respectively. Besides recording and releasing studio albums and other material, the band has also established a reputation for live performances by playing at several music festivals at home and overseas, from San Francisco’s Outside Lands Art and Music Festival to London’s Reading and Leeds festival, while they have played shows all over the United States and parts of Canada. Their mix of lo-fi indie rock and folk styled sound combined with their music’s essential simplicity is what has won them such a close knit following that waits for the next time Two Gallants tickets would be available.

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About Two Gallants

Two Gallants comprises of Adam Stephens and Tyson Vogel, where the former performs on the harmonica, guitar as well as vocals, while the latter does percussion and vocals. Vogel and Stephen started playing in San Francisco and in neighboring places, back in 2002, when they both were only twenty-one, as Two Gallants. They both went way back as a performing team, since they had been doing music together since they were only twelve. The band’s name was taken from the title of a James Joyce story in Dubliners. They recorded to separate CDs that they released themselves and that are both out of print now. The recordings were taken and spread all around the United States while the two were touring; performing at small parks, house shows, street corners and warehouses.
Even after recording and issuing their debut act The Throes, which contained the songs Anna’s Sweater, My Madonna, Crow Jane, Drive My Car, Nothing to You, You Losin’ Out, Fail Hard to Regain and Two Days Short Tomorrow - they continued with the touring routine. Only they began playing at clubs instead of smaller, more private venues.  By July 2005, Two Gallants signed with a new label, Saddle Creek records, and in the following August performed their first concert abroad in London and made an appearance at Europe’s famous Reading and Leeds festival.
In 2006, Two Gallants issued the album What the Toll Tells with Saddle Creek, which produced the two singles, Steady Rollin and Las Cruses Jail. The offering also included the tracks Negrophilia Blues, Big Lucille, Waves of Grain, Age of Assassins, Threnody, The Prodigal Son, Long Summer Day, Some Slender Rest, and 16th St. Dozens. The two toured across Europe from the beginning of the year, till after their album’s release and later performed at Saddle Creek’s SXSW showcase. The band then went on a tour of the United States as well as some parts of Canada in summer. By then they had made their mark on the folk music front and received invitations to perform at several European festivals all through the summer months, after which they pursued their tour of Europe and United States again in September, for the second time in the same year.
By 2007, the band issued its third full length studio album which was a self-titled release on Saddle Creek, and contained the single Despite What You Have Benn Told. In 2012, the band made its second appearance at the annual Outside Lands Arts and Music Festival of San Francisco. Grab some cheap Two Gallants tickets, and be there to listen to the two artist rock out the crowd with their indie rock/folk tunes.

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