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Hailing from Los Angeles, California, Tool is one of the most influential bands of this era when it comes to progressive and alternative rock music. Ever since the group’s inception in 1990, tool has been constantly and frequently experimenting with their sound and music on the whole. All the group members play their role in the group in the unique and newest possible way in each one of their studio releases to give a rich and unique flavor to the overall sound of the group’s music. Over the years with their chart toppers and an array of successful music albums, Tool has gone on to enjoy massive fan following throughout the world.

About Tool

Moreover they have also claimed a total of three Grammy Awards to date. The band’s original lineup comprised of Maynard James, Danny Carey, Paul D’Amour and Adam Jones. However Justin Chancellor replaced D’Amour as the band’s new bassist since 1995. With their original and current lineup, the group has performed in front of the live audiences in different parts of the world. Presently Tool enjoys massive following and Tool tickets sellout like hot cakes during their concert tour. The band’s debut studio album came out in 1993 by the name of Undertow and in that; the band experimented with a bit more heavier sound.

Around that time grunge and alternative rock music was at the peak, so the band had to work extra hard to make some space for them on the charts as well as in the market. So following the release of their album, the group started touring in support of their album and performed in various venues nationwide. Late on the group also performed at the Lollapalooza concert tour, and became a main stage act on the tour. Following a series of live performances, Undertow went on to certified Gold Status, and a single from the album titled Sober became an international hit. By the year 1995, Undertow had received platinum status. The band’s second studio release hit the market on September 17, 1996 titled Ænima.

The album came out after D’Amour left the group, and Chancellor took charge as the band’s new bassist. The artwork of the album was created by Cam de Leon in collaborating with Adam Jones. The artwork of the album received major appreciation and went on to win a Grammy Award as well. The alternate artwork of the album depicted the comedian Bill Hicks as another dead hero. The entire album was also dedicated to the comedian Bill Hicks, who had passed away almost two years before the release of the album. The group also embarked on a concert tour to support their recent release almost after two weeks of its release. On their concert tour, the band performed several shows in Australia, Europe and United States as well.

Although the Alternative Rock genre faced a minor decline in the popularity during that time, Ænima still managed to get good ratings and even went on to win a Grammy Award. By the year 2003, the album had platinum status. The band’s follow up studio release came out in the year 2001 by the name of Lateralus. The album faced critical acclaim and worldwide popularity upon its release and was followed by extensive touring as well. The album peaked and debuted at #1 spot on U.S Billboard 200 Albums chart. Another chart topper and the band’s most recent studio release was titled 10,000 as it came out in 2006.

was released as the first single from the album as it top music charts in various countries. With the release of 10,000 the group gained massive international fan following. After going on a hiatus for a brief amount of time the group got back together in 2008 and they’re currently working on another of their studio albums. But before their new album comes out, Tool tickets are on sale for their upcoming series of live performances.