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Tool Orlando is a thrillingly exciting rock concert performance by America’s super popular rock group that calls itself Tool. Based in Los Angeles, the band embarked upon its creative journey in 1990 with Adam Jones strumming the guitar, Danny Carey beating drums and Maynard James Keenan doing the lead singing. The trio was initially assisted by Paul D’Amour as their sole bassist who was later replaced by Justin Chancellor in 1995. The band’s started its career strongly inclined towards the metal sounds which are a prominent feature of their earliest studio album titled Undertow, which was released three years after the group’s inception. Their next album Enima released in 1996 was the band’s formal step into the realm of the alternative metal genre with a vibrantly bold streak of atypical metallic effects that were in-keeping with the metal genre’s newly spurred movement at the time.

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Like many other metal bands, Tool made efforts to combine elements of experimental sounds, visual effects, while focusing on the specific theme of individual change that the band channeled in their third album Lateralus in 2001. This third album opened with much soaring success, right away hitting the number one spot on charts like Billboard 200, and further achieved the status of a two times certified platinum. Tool Orlando show will feature extensive enthralling laser effects alongside their kick-ass trademark sound, so get those Tool Orlando tickets fast and be there to participate in the wildly rocking gig.