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Toadies, an alternative rock music band based in Texas has earned great fame because of their single Possum Kingdom. Currently on a tour, Toadies tickets are your gateway to watch them play live on stage. The classic lineup of the group included the vocalist Todd Lewis, drummer Mark Reznicek, bassist Lisa Umbarger, and guitarist Darrel Herbert. The group was created in 1989 but broke up in 2001 after the departure of Umbarger from the band. Toadies was re-formed in 2008 and came up with an album called No Deliverance. In 2010, they released Feeler, another hit record. The latest album released by the band is Play.Rock.Music which came out in 2012. ‘Rubberneck’, the first studio album by them was released in 1994, which had six singles; "Mister Love", "Tyler", "Away", "I Come From the Water", "Backslider" and “Possum Kingdom”. The ensemble extensively toured all through the 1990s, opening for singers like The Butthole Surfers, White Zombie Bush and Hot Chili Peppers. They also shared the stage with “The Reverend Horton” and “Supersuckers”. In 1997, Toadies entered the studio after touring extensively, to release their next record “Feeler”. Unfortunately the album was never approved by the Interscope Records and the group had to come up with Hell Below/Stars Above in 2001 as their second full-length album.

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They came up with their fifth album in 2012 with the hit single "Summer of the Strange”. Toadies are co-headlining a tour across the country with their ex-mates Helmet. Both the groups are going to play full sets, also collaborating for few songs. The alternative rock band from New York, Helmet was formed in 1989. The founding member of the group is lead guitarist and vocalist Page Hamilton. The band went through a number of lineup changes with Hamilton as the only continuous member. Helmet has come up with seven albums so far, receiving great success their debut record Meantime which was released in 1992. After releasing Betty in 1994 and Aftersale in 1997, the ensemble split in 1998 and reunited later in 2004. Their album “Betty” sold more than 275,000 records till 2006 after the band toured in support of it.  Size Matters was the 5th album released by the group the same year of their reunion. Helmet leaves a huge impact on contemporary rock music, along with other music groups such as “System Of A Down,” “Korn”, “Nine Inch Nails”, “Tool”, “Rise Against”, “Deftones”, and “Pantera” who site Helmet as their influence. The band has kicked off a number of tours and performed in United States, Europe, Asia, and Brazil usually with other artists.
Helmet was praised as a "thinking person's heavy metal band." Avoiding the old-style heavy metal appearance of black clothing and long hair, the group stands out with their fondness for jeans, sneakers, and t-shirts with short haircuts. Helmet’s songs have good lyrics and are characterized by staccato, syncopated guitar riffs. The songs of the band have also appeared in movies such as "Ironhead" appeared in Guncrazy in 1992. The group recorded "Just Another Victim" in 1993 with “House Of Pain” for the soundtrack of the movie Judgment Night. Before their album Betty was released, "Milquetoast" appeared as the soundtrack of The Crow, a motion picture.
Toadies and Helmet are coming together for an epic concert. So, grab some cheap Toadies tickets if you want to watch the two great rock bands playing live on stage. It is going to be a great concert as these musicians know how to show their fans a wonderful time. Avail the discounted rates that our site is offering and mark your attendance at the event. You will have a blast.

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