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Thrice is a rock band that was founded in The United States of America in 1998 in Irvine, California. The band was created by two friends namely Teppei Teranishi who is the lead guitarist, keyboardist and on the backing vocals of the band and Dustin Kensrue who is the lead vocalist as well as a side guitarist. The band comprises of other members such as Riley Breckenridge who plays the drums and the percussion, and Eddie Breckenridge who plays the keyboards, the acoustic guitar, the synthesizers, and the bass and is also on the backing vocals. The discography of Thrice the rock band includes eight albums since their inception in 1998. These albums have sold worldwide and gained much popularity amongst people who are avid fans of the Thrice band’s music. The eight albums which the band has released globally are: Vheissu (2005), Beggars (2009), Identity Crisis (2000/2001), The Artist in the Ambulance (2003), The Illusion of Safety (2002), The Alchemy Index Vols. I & II (2007), The Alchemy Index Vols. III & IV (2008) and the Major/Minor (2011).

About Thrice

When the Thrice band began playing as a professional band in 1998, they were generally considered for their incredible hard and fast genre of music which was formed basically in an intensely indistinct guitar, common flips in multipart time signatures and outstanding guitar lines from the lead. All of these features of their music are greatly evident in the bands second and third albums. However, by the time the band released its fourth album, some major changes in the genre of their rock music was heard. This change was greeted by the fans as a pleasant change. The band had made prominent changes by introducing keyboards, and some electronic beats to their songs. The Thrice band released their fifth record as twofold album. They released the album in two sets of two CDs. This worked extremely well for the band, as they were able to showcase their multi-talents by featuring various styles of music on both the CDs. They successfully reflected the themes of elements such as earth, water, air and fire both musically as well as lyrically. The bands’ latest albums show case an advanced and developed discovery as well as new experimental type of music which is very refreshing. Every album that is released by the band has ultimately had a big fraction of its sales profits being donated to a new charitable association.

Over a period of time, the Thrice rock band has gained immense recognition and gathered fans from world over. Their live onstage performances have been known to be very captivating and truly thrilling to the core. When the band performs live, they make sure to highlight all their famous songs from their eight albums. When on stage, the band makes sure that their performance progresses from its natural form to a point where a spectator can no longer tell which song is being performed from which one of their albums. Their performances to date have been considered to be extremely gripping and enthralling.  Coming from a huge music industry, the Thrice band seems to have their fans know that their distinct music has a language of its own, and it lets their music speak for itself.

The Thrice bands live on stage performances are definitely very intense. Their acts are infused with complete perfect rock performances and music which is known to be always evolving. The crowds at their concerts are always energized especially when the bands’ lead vocalist, Dustin Kensrue, takes over the microphone. They make sure that they are seen as seasoned performers and do not ever let their audiences down. The bands’ energy, enthusiasm and especially their way of connecting to their crowd is simply marveling.

The Thrice band has always enjoyed a complete sell-out of their live performances. The band is coming to a city near you to give one of its greatest performances. So if you and your friends are fans of the band, their music and their energized style of performing, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to grab hold of the Thrice tickets. We give you our word that you will truly enjoy this bands’ performance. It is one of those live concerts at which you will have a ball of a time. Thereby, get the Thrice tickets in time, so that you do not miss out on this great event.

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