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The upcoming Big Wreck concert is expected to bring great entertainment for each and every single rock fan who is thinking about attending this mega event. Considering the band’s history of holding successful concerts, this one is expected to be the very same and should not, therefore, be missed by anyone who listens to rock and roll. These sort of concerts are the perfect place to go to with your friends and you can do the very same. All you have to go is book your Big Wreck tickets and you will be guaranteed a spectacular night of rock and roll entertainment. Booking them early would be a smart thing to do because earlier concerts by this famous rock band have been complete sell outs and the same is expected for the upcoming one.

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About Theory Of A Deadman Big Wreck

Big Wreck is a band which hails from the city of Boston in the state of Massachusetts. It is the brainchild of Canadian rock musician Ian Thornley and it has gone on to become a very popular rock band ever since it was formed back in the year 1994. The band has been credited with releasing music that covers a wide variety of genres which includes the likes of hard rock, heavy metal and progressive rock among others. At the time of its formation, the band consisted of four people and it included Ian Thornley as the lead vocalist, followed by Brian Doherty who was the band’s lead guitarist, Dave Henning who was the band’s bass guitarist and Forrest Williams who became the band’s drummer.
The band is another creation to come out of the legendary Berklee College of Music, a music school credited with bringing to the world some of the greatest musicians and bands of all time. The band released its first album which was titled In Loving Memory Of in the year 1997 and it was dubbed a considerable success. The band’s debut album brought them immense recognition throughout the United States and Canada. The album brought to the world some truly amazing songs which included the likes of The Oaf and Blown Wide Open. The album went on to be certified as two times Platinum in the country of Canada. The band released its second album titled The Pleasure and the Greed in the year 2001 but considering the fact that it was not as big of a hit as their debut album, the band decided to part ways in the following year.
It was in the year 2010 that Big Wreck came back together and they have been entertaining audiences all over the United States and Canada ever since.  The reunited band comprises of three new members in the form of another guitarist Paulo Neta, a new bass guitarist who goes by the name Dave McMillan as well as a new drummer who goes by the name Brad Park. The band released their third album in the year 2012 which goes by the name Albatross and it has been making waves throughout North America.
Despite the fact that it has not been very long since the album came out, it has already climbed up to the number five spot on the Canadian Albums Chart, something neither of the first two albums achieved. The album’s most popular song by far is the one which shares the same name as the album; Albatross and it has already claimed the number one spot on the Canadian Rock and Alternative charts and its popularity continues to rise to this very day. The album also consists of another hit single which is titled Wolves and it is a must listen for anyone who loves rock.
Big Wreck is an amazing rock band which has a number of talented musicians within its line-up. The band is especially popular for their live performances because they know how to dazzle audiences with their musical talents. Book your cheap Big Wreck tickets and watch them live

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