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The Walkmen tickets offer you a great time of brilliant music by the indie rock band. The band based in New York City and Philadelphia came together in 2000, when two bands Jonathan Fire*Eater and The Recoys broke up. The three members of Jonathan Fire*Eater , Paul Maroon, Walter Martin and Matt Barrick and two from The Recoys, Peter Bauer and Hamilton Leithauser came together to form a band by the name of The Walkmen. Since the time the band formed, the quintet has remained together to produce music that has matured over the period of time. The band is recognized for its simplicity, remarkable use of instruments and the impressive vocals of Leithauser.

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About The Walkmen

Before coming together as The Walkmen, the band members knew each other because they came from the same school accept for Peter Bauer. The band members Leithauser and Martin are cousins who lived on the same street.  Apart from being together in school, they also played in the same bands and that is how they came together to form the five piece band that would give many hits. The three members of Jonathan Fire*Eater who later became part of The Walkmen assembled Marcata, a recording studio built in Harlem, in 1999 that became the band’s recording studio. However, later it was relocated to upstate New York.  It was from Marcata studios that The Walkmen released their first CD in 2002. The CD was titled Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone.
The debut album got them noticed and the indie rock band received positive acclaim for their music. The sonic exploration and vintage instrumentation complemented with the unique vocal quality of Leithauser’s voice found a lot of appreciation. Their music with its new approach from the usual garage rock sound was refreshingly appealing. The Walkmen incorporated piano and experimented with the sounds and recording techniques and came to be known for their sound of classic musical instruments. After this, the band’s next album came out titled Bows + Arrows. It was released in 2004 with the Record Collection label. With this album the band received national success. The album debuted at number 8 on Billboard's Heatseekers chart. The album was appreciated for its focused sound. The aggressive approach and stormy sound gained a lot of admiration from fans and critics alike. It was regarded by many critics as one of the year’s best album which was a big achievement for The Walkmen. The Rat, popular indie rock anthem from the album established the group’s versatility.
You & Me was an album released in 2008 that showcased a collection of inspired songwriting. The album landed the group into many lists of the bests of that year. The sound in this album was more warm and personal and received positive critical acclaim. With time, The Walkmen has continued with its musical journey with more refinement and richer sound. The music style as seen in the incredible albums they have produced over the years has certainly evolved. From the fiery numbers to more calm and sober sounds evident in their album Heaven, the indie rock band certainly has come a long way. The sound in their seventh album, Heaven comes across as catchy and more sophisticated. As they have matured in style and experimented with moods of their albums, one thing they have been consistent in is the quality of music they have been producing.
The Walkmen has a profound fan following and when they are touring their concerts draw huge crowds. A t every concert fans demand for the famous rock anthem The Rat to be performed along with other popular numbers. With lead singer Hamilton Leithauser singing at the top of his voice and the fans swaying to their distinctive indie rock music the concerts are a must attend event. The Walkmen tickets offer an experience that brings great music and quality time. They are known to sound even better on their concerts so catch them live. As the upcoming event is approaching cheap The Walkmen tickets may become hard to find so secure your deals soon.

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