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With all its controversies and trivial on air fights, The View has maintained its viewership over the years. If anything, the tiny fights between the hosts of the show, over major political decisions and government policies has increased the popularity of the show. One of the most famous brawls that have been seen on the show was that of the Rosie O'Donnell Elisabeth Hasselbeck's fight over the Iraq war. This brawl that went on the air became the subject matter of many of the other shows as well and made headlines in several of the local news channels in the US. The viewers too took sides in this scuffle and many a viewers sent love (and hate) mails to the hosts of the show. Incidents like these may or may not have given rise to any real fight but the rating of the show really went up as people liked the ladies of the show for voicing their opinions over such political matters.

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The show is still pretty popular amongst the local residents of the city who flock to be a part of the studio audiences whenever they get the chance. The best thing about being a part of the live show is that you get to see all the real juicy things live. The show that gets to go air later on is the edited version with heavy editing and censorship. The current stars on the panel are Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Joy Behar and Sherri Shepherd. Barbara Walters also joins the panel for some special shows. The ABC Daytime show has been very popular day time show and was created by Barbara Walters herself, in collaboration with Bill Geddie. The show has been a hit ever since its debut in the late 1990s which inspired many other shows of the same format.

The show was brought on ABC Daytime as a replacement for one of the previous show which was not receiving positive responses from the audiences. Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie were the executive producers of the show when it was aired for the first time in 1997. For some of the initial episodes of the program, the set of one of the soap operas was used. The show was a bold attempt at presenting a political show which was primarily directing at housewives, like most morning shows. The show widely differed from any of the other shows aimed at women during that time and it failed to impress the New York Times in the beginning but the general audience seemed to like it and soon, it became sort of a guilty pleasure for them. Almost after a year into the production, the show gained massive popularity and had become a household name amongst the housewives of the city of New York for whom, the panel of the show had given voice to feelings which were complicated.

Over the years, the show has continued to do just that. Part of the agenda of the show even today remains what it was before, to work for the political education of women and to present different point of views with an intention of creating more understanding of different political matters and government policies. The show has continued to enlighten the general public for over thirteen years and it is still a much watched program with viewership in millions of the houses across the US. The show is great way to stay up to date on several of the political matters in the US and a nice way to get to know about several different views as well. Being a part of the live show is a great way to not just enjoy some intelligent debates on political matters but also for political education. If you like watching the women give their view points on several of the policies then you would love the live show so grab your the View tickets and enjoy!

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