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The Used tickets bring to you compelling and original music by the popular rock band hailing from Orem, Utah. The talented alternative band came together in 2001 and since then they have been entertaining rock enthusiasts all over the world. Their unique music has often been termed as emo, but the band does not want to be pigeon holed into a particular category.  One thing, however that best describes their music is their honest heartfelt music that has endeared them to their fans. The band has been were nominated twice for Best International Group Video.

About The Used

The Used has had its share of problems before coming to limelight. The place they come for is not known for puck rock music hence, they had faced many difficulties as they struggled.  There were not many venues that allowed them to play music. The foursome faced poverty, homelessness, substance abuse, but emerged stronger from it all finally.
Following their common passion for music they achieved success. It all started when in 2001, Branden Steineckert, Quinn Allman and Jeph Howard came together to make music. With everything in place they needed a vocalist and that is how Bert McCracken landed into the picture. He came up with the lyrics for the music that the three had already made and hence became the fourth member. Together they started recording music and making demo albums. Mostly the demos were recorded in Branden Steineckert’s bedroom therefore they were titled, Demos from the Basement. John Feldman came across one of these demos and introduced the quartet to many labels and it was in late 2001 that they finally signed with Reprise Records.
It was in June 2002, when The Used released their self-titled album and made their musical breakthrough.  The album went on to be gold later. The band started touring and began the journey of success with tour dates that multiplied and crowds that kept increasing.  In 2003, The Used released its compilation CD album, titled, Maybe Memories that featured their live unreleased tracks from demo material and other materials. It went on to be certified platinum.
The American band went on to release In Love and Death, their second album in 2004. The album was named after the tragedy that struck their band member Bert McCracken whose pregnant girlfriend died from a drug overdose. In 2005, Steineckert left the band due to some differences and was replaced by Dan Whitesides. With Dan, The Used continued its journey to fame and released their second live CD titled Berth and came up with their third album Lies for the Liars, in 2007.
The next album Artwork, the first record that was not produced by Feldman was released in 2009. It is considered as one of the best works produced by the band. Their fifth album Vulnerable therefore had a lot of expectations. Vulnerable also saw the return of producer Feldman. Despite the success that they achieved with their former label with whom they had been for a decade, The Used decided to come up with their own new label by the name of Anger Music Group. This move was made to have a creative edge and have complete freedom to experiment with their music. The albums sound does reflect some fresh elements.
Over the years, The Used has released several albums and has been touring extensively. Their live shows are energetic and a must see event. Bert’s powerful screaming and altering singing tones bring out the emotive lyrics with a strong impact. The singing is complimented with versatile guitar work, the catchy riffs backed by driving drums and an energy that matches the vigor of their material makes the whole experience a worthwhile one. McCracken is known for his crazy antics on stage in which he screams, dances and runs all over the stage. The Used fans love their live performances therefore tickets finish fast when they come to town and cheap The Used tickets are very hard to find. Secure your deals if you want to enjoy their music.