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The Sea and Cake is an ensemble that needs very less introduction. During an extended career of two decades, the group has filled the space between independent pop, 1960’s Brazilian music, and African guitar lines. The band’s sound is extremely distinct. The Sea and the Cake is a music band of indie rock genre with an influence of jazz. Based in Chicago, this group was made in mid-90s by the members of Tortoise, Shrimp Boat, and Coctails. Preliminary with The Fawn of 1997, the band has used electronic sound basis, like synthesizers and drum machines, while retaining the unique style of post-jazz. This music band is coming to your town with a concert that you have long waited for and The Sea and Cake tickets are selling fast. So hurry and get yours now as great music bands like this don’t hit the town every day.

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About The Sea and Cake

In 1995, a song called “The Fontana” was contributed to an album “Red Hot + Bothered” which was an AIDS benefit record. The group embarked on a tour and released a special song “Skies” in order to accompany the other touring band “Broken Social Scene”. The lineup of the group consists of vocalist and guitarist Sam Prekop, John McEntire works on drums, percussion, and synthesizer, Archer Prewitt is the pianist, guitarist, and vocalist, and Eric Claridge takes care of the bass and synthesizer. Each member of the band has released solo albums of their own as well. The band has come up with a number of albums, first one being The Sea And Cake which was released in 1994. In 1995, Nassau was released; The Biz came out in 1995. “Oui” was released in 2000 and in 2003; the ensemble released “One Bedroom”.
Eric Claridge’s paintings are mainly used as the cover art of the band’s releases and photographs are by Preko. The postcards of the pictures from One Bedroom were sold when the group went on its 2003 tour. The band went on a break from 2004 to 2007, and returned with Everybody. In October 2008, it released its eighth record named Car Album. ‘The Moonlight Butterfly’ is the band’s most recent record and it came out in May 2011. It is the ninth album by the band and it contains the major elements of Sea and Cake’s utterly unique sound, all the while bringing a new approach to structures and textures of the number. The tracks in the album are more comprehensive in form that feels more cinematic. The group has also released some singles and EPs such as “Glad You're Right” (b/w “Tiger Panther,” “Two Gentlemen”, Glass, and “Window Lights”. 
The Sea and Cake is an amazing band with a unique style and original sound. This group is as great in its live shows as it is on its records. The guys truly know how to put up a splendid show. It is a highly trained and technical group that performs marvelously and shows the crowd time of its life. Browse through our website as it offers cheap The Sea and Cake tickets for your convenience. The fans are extremely excited to watch their favorite artists playing live on stage. The excitement and energy can be witnessed in the performance as the members play with passion to provide the crowd with more fun than they expect. The group is known to be as consistently amazing as ever and has energy, talent, and originality in its concerts. It is going to be a great show as the ensemble is all set to show you their true talent. So don’t be left behind and grab your The Sea And Cake ticket to be a part of the party!

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