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If your music becomes so famous that it is featured in 90210, you are attached with one of the biggest record companies, The Sony Label Group, and to top all it you achieve this over a span of two years, means that you are surely going places. The story sounds familiar…doesn’t it? The series of events mentioned earlier happened with your very own, Irish alternative band, The Script. The band has also had the privilege to perform with the legendary U2, who are heads and shoulders ahead of many in the world of music. The Script, an album released in the later part of 2008 i.e in August, was the band’s debut album; the album that shared its name with the band itself.

About The Script Tickets

Starting their music career with the band My Town in 1996, both Mark Sheehan and Danny ‘O’Donoghue got particular recognition out of the five members that formed the band so much so that their production and song writing partnership got them an invitation to Canada where they collaborated with the well-known R&B heroes such as Teddy Riley, Dallas Austin and Montell Jordan. The Script, the current band, took shape when after living a few years in the US the duo decided to move back to their place of origin, Dublin and added the third to the venture, Glen Power, who was a talented solo musician but was struggling to get his album released.

The first time that The Script got under the Spotlight was in 2007 on Balcony TV, an award winning Irish channel. The song ‘We Cry’ and Balcony TV is the closest to the band’s heart as it was the first song and the first platform that showed its potential. ‘We Cry’ was released later in 2008 and received various titles on the radio including BBC radio, Today FM and many others where the radio jockeys also hugely supported the band. The song performed well, both on UK Single Charts and Irish Single charts and got immense fame to the extent that the band was called to perform it on the 90210 TV series.

With their second single, ‘The Man Who Can’t Be Moved’, The Script yet again achieved high ranks especially in Denmark, UK and Ireland. It was only after such an outstanding success of the first two singles, the band moved on to release its debut album, The Script that ended up being on number one on the Album Charts in UK and sold 20,240 copies. The album not just got to the top but also stayed there for almost 11 weeks, which indeed is a big achievement. The band’s debut album also became the 18th amongst the best selling albums in the UK, topped the Spanish Charts and remained at the top for a good five weeks. Exceeding over 600,000 sales of their debut album, Sony BMG awarded them their first platinum plaque, that too, not long after the album’s release.

After the smashing hit of the debut album, the band one after the other released topping chart singles. It looked as if the band had gotten into the habit of staying at the top and it was between the release of the first and the second album that The Script received a myriad of prestigious awards. The winner at the World Music Awards for the 2008 "Best Irish Act", The Script also wrote a single for Leona Lewis, a track from her second album.

The hard work and passion that the band put in their music saw them getting nominated for many awards in 2009 but at the same time astonished critics that the band that sprang up only a year back is now making waves all over. In the same year, the year 2009, the band won Choice Music Prize for the Best Album and soon after that the band got the chance to be featured in VH1’s promotion. Getting exposure at the Victoria Secret Show was yet another big opportunity for the band and an opportunity that they knew well how to utilize.

With countless awards, recognition and chart titles the band is now out with their second album Science and Faith and you will jump off your seats to know that they are also going to tour soon. The winner of the 2010 Best Live Performance at the Meteor Irish Awards, the band is definitely one of the best when it comes to performing live. Grab this opportunity and buy The Script Tickets and be a part of the magical experience.

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