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The Postal Service is an indie pop and electronic music band consisting of Jimmy Tamborello as the producer, Jenny Lewis on keyboards and background vocals and Ben Gibbard as the lead vocalist. The band was formed in 2001 and remained active till 2005. It was revived in 2013. The foundation of the group was laid after Gibbard provided vocals for Dntel’s song (This Is It) The Dream of Evan and Chan from the album named “Life Is Full of Possibilities.” The band is returning to the music scene once again with a tour this season. If you wish to revive The Postal Service memories, book cheap The Postal Service tickets today.

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About The Postal Service

The song The Dream of Evan and Chan that led to the making of the band was a great hit itself and a number of artists also made its hit remixes. Some of these artists were The Flaming Lips, Superpitcher, Lali Puna and Safety Scissors. Since the track received a lot of acclaim by the audiences and critics, two of the artists who collaborated in the song decided to form a band together. The band selected the name The Postal Service because of the procedure through which they produced the music. Tamborello would record and perform the music and forward it to Gibbard through the US Postal Service, and that’s how they’d make the song work out.
The Postal Service’s third member Jimmy Lewis happened to live in the same building as Tamborello. He started off by recording vocals for Tamborello and eventually decided to become a full time member of the band. He started to tour with them in the live concerts, providing instrumentation and vocals for their songs. Hence The Postal Service lineup was finalized.
The Postal Service released their debut album titled “Give Up” in February of 2003. The vocals of the rock singer Jen Wood and Jenny Lewis were featured in several of the songs. The album was produced by Chris Walla, who also played the piano and guitar in several tracks of the album. Released through Sub Pop, it became the record label’s most successful work since “Bleach”, Nirvana’s debut album. The most famous track from the album was Such Great Heights. The song was also featured in the advertisements of Kaiser Permanente and UPS. In 2005, it also became the very first theme track of Grey’s Anatomy, the popular TV series.
The single was also covered by the band Iron and Wine. This cover was featured in M&M’s commercial as well as was made the soundtrack of the movie ‘Garden State’. Later it was covered by several other artists such as Amanda Palmer, Joy Kills Sorrow and The Scene Aesthetic. Their track We Will Become Silhouettes was also covered by The Shins. Original track was featured in the movie Funny People. The 2004 movie D.E.B.S. featured their track The District Sleeps Tonight; hence the critical success of the album became obvious.
The Postal Service went on a hiatus in 2005 after releasing just one album. In 2007, rumors spread wide that the band is once again working on an album. These rumors were denied by Gibbard and in 2012 he posted on the band’s website that if there were any plans of a new record, they will disclose it. Their website was updated in the year 2013 bearing the header “The Postal Service 2013”. An official announcement was made on the website that the band is going to go on a tour. In March 2013 the tour dates were also announced. It is going to begin shortly as The Postal Service tickets have now gone up for sale as well.

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