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All those who have been waiting to get out of their dull dreary routine…good new! The Pogues is coming your way to rock you with its live performance. Catch all your favorite numbers at this event with your Pogues Chicago tickets.

The Pogues that was formed in 1982 is an Irish rock band. The original members of the group were MacGowan, Finer, Stacy and James Fearnley. They performed for the first time on 4th October 1982 at The Pindar of Wakefield. After some time drummer Andrew Ranken and bassist Cait O'Riordan were added in the group. The journey to success has never been easy for the band as they started off with megre resources and no opportunities to go into the mainstream music industry. They initially played for Clubs and Pubs and without being attached to any label they released their first song Dark Streets of London. They started getting recognition and eventually became noticeable for The Clash in 1984.

They released their first album titled Red Roses for Me in the same year. From here onwards they started getting attention from all corners of the country. A video was made of their song Waxie's Dargle and was shown on a popular music show called The Tube. The songs and albums they produced were getting popular and this led to the making of If I Should Fall from Grace with God in the year 1988 and Peace and Love in 1989. The Pogues went on tours to different parts of the world and were widely acclaimed

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