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If you wish to become a part of an event that will surely knock your socks off, then be there at the Last Bison Kishi Bashi show as it comes to your hometown. Typically the production comprises of two main artists who will be talked about one by one so that those interested can get a good idea regarding what this mega event is all about.

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About The Last Bison Kishi Bashi

Talking about The Last Bison first, it is an indie folk ensemble that originated from the city of Chesapeake that is located in the state of Virginia. The band has gained massive fame due to the fact that they infuse together elements of indie folk and classical music. The band initiated in the year 2010 and have been active in the music and entertainment industry ever since. The very first album that this band came forward with was in the year 2011 and was named “Quill”. It was released without any association to a label company. The record though didn’t make it to the mainstream music industry, received massive critical acclaim for its sound, instruments and classical element infusion.

After the success of its debut album, radio stations present in the city of Norfolk started providing airtime to The Last Bison in order to promote them. Most of the fame that the band received initially was for the fact that a lot their songs were given generous airtime. One of the band’s members named Ben Hardesty, who provides his vocals and guitar expertise, has brought a unique sound to the group that resembles to the sounds of famous bands such as Mumford, Fleet Foxes and Sons and the Decemberists. With a total of seven band members, the band uses numerous instruments such as percussion, classical strings and reed organs to provide the audience with enjoyable indie folk music. The band has been able to gain great fame even without signing with any big label company yet. They have performed at the Virginia Symphony Orchestra and the Norva Theatre that is situated in Norfolk and if you are fan of this band, you have a chance to see it perform at an upcoming mega event, along with another popular artist, Kishi Bashi. All those interested are urged to purchase The Last Bison Kishi Bashi tickets without any further delay.

The Last Bison Kishi Bashi show will also bring forward another great artist; Kishi Bashi who was once known as K Ishibashi; a member of the indie band named Jupiter One. After success with the band, K Ishibashi went on to create his own project and named it Kishi Bashi. Kaoru Ishibashi was born on the fourth of November in the year 1975 in the city of Seattle, located in the state of Washington. He started his career as a professional violinist and began touring with artists such as Sondre Lerche, Regina Spektor and the Athens.

Before embarking on a solo mission he joined two bands, one in Montreal that was named “Of Montreal” and the other one in New York, named “Jupiter One”. It was in the year 2011, when the artist decided to pursue his solo career. He started off as an opening act for the performer Sondre Lerche. Currently the singer is working on creating his debut EP album that will be released through his name Kishi Bashi. The singer has been signed on by the record label company named “Joyful Noise” in the year 2012 and his EP album will be named “I Lost My Wrestling Match to Davey Pierce on the Big Black Bus”. If you are a fan of the artist, you will be pleased to know that he will be performing in collaboration with another great artist, The Last Bison, so be there at The Last Bison Kishi Bashi concert. This event that will present two popular entertainers, and will be definitely worth your time, so remember to purchase cheap The Last Bison Kishi Bashi tickets today, for great value.


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