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The world of music is ready to pay tribute to one of the best pop bands of the world who have been rambling the stage with their amazing voice and performance. The Head and the Heart has promised its fans not to disappoint them ever and have always met their expectations. Their music has imparted them an exquisite quality of experimenting with their vocals and rhythm.

About The Head And The Heart

The Head and the Heart is a folk pop band from Washington. This band came into existence in the year 2009 with the coming together of Jonathan Russell and Josiah Johnson. Apart from these two, the group consists of Tyler Williams at the drums, Charity Rose Thielen for the violin, Kenny Hensley at the piano and Chris Zasche at bass. In 2010 they were extended a contract by Sub Pop Records that the group welcomed with open arms. The Head and the Heart tickets will make sure that you become a part of an event that has to offer loads of enjoyment to all those who anxiously wait for their concert to happen.
The band was formed as a result of a series of meetings between the various members of the group at the Seattle's Conor Byrne pub. Their combined effort and passion for music resulted in their success and since then they have contributed a great deal to the main stream music industry. The Head and The Heart tickets should be grabbed immediately as hundreds of people have already started their journey towards the stores as their tickets are on a roll now.
In the year 2009, The Head and the Heart were able to release their first album titled The Head and The Heart. Initially the album was able to sell more than ten thousand copies in the first week and the whole ambience they created was mesmerizing and the people could not help themselves from appreciating the talent they entail. It consisted of various popular numbers like Coeur D'Alene, Cats and Dogs, Lost in My Mind, Down in the Valley, Heaven Go Easy on Me, Sounds Like Hallelujah and Winter Song. In 2011, their first album was released once again and this time an expanded version of their work came to the forefront. This version consisted of a single River and Roads that later on became a part of a program on American television known called Chuck. The Head and the Heart has been touring extensively and has taken their music where ever they went including Europe and the United States. They have performed in the opening acts for Iron & Wine, The Walkmen, My Morning Jacket, Dave Matthews, Dr. Dog, The Low Anthem and Death Cab for Cutie. It is time for you to avail the cheap The Head and The Heart tickets as its your last opportunity to be a part of this outstanding concert without putting too much burden on your pockets.
The Head and The Heart has climbed up the ladder of success in a very short period of time. In the year 2011 they won the honor of being the Seattle's Best New Band according to the Seattle's City Arts Magazine. Moreover, they also appeared on the television for the very first time in 2011 on the television series titled Conan. If you know what it means to be a part of an exciting live performance then The Head and The Heart tickets are the best deal for you as it will save your time and energy in looking for a place where good music is played. The aura created by this musical group cannot be described in words and one needs to be present at their concert to experience it.

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