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The Glitch Mob is among the hot summer tickets for electronic music and a pulsing spectacle of the most unusual stage appearance. The band has re-defined the concept of DJ by switching leads while interweaving their distinct sounds. Their phenomenal fusion crosses the barriers posed by the genres and come up with a sound being a remix of hip hop and bass music. The grooving melodies enthrall the crowd with the very first beat.

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About The Glitch Mob Los Angeles Tickets

The Glitch Mob is a set of four ultimate musicians with roots from San Francisco and Los Angeles. The sound of music that came out as a mere experimentation soon built a successful chemistry between the members and they ended up playing frequently in back to back time slots. Showing up at the music forefront in the mid 2000s the band pulled music out of the headphones, letting the people enjoy by living it. Mobs’ live performances energize the dance floor with passionate unified movements of the crazy crowd.

The Glitch Mob
has released an album and a couple of EP’s so far. The outstanding fame of the earlier works is followed by the launch of their latest EP ‘We Can Make The World Stop’. The band with its electrifying tracks has stirred the music lovers all around and has re-defined its style of motion along the electrifying beats.  
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