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Black Keys is an American indie blues rock band formed in late 2001. The band consists of two members with Dan Auerbach on lead vocals/guitar and Patrick Carney on drums. Black Keys came into the music scene with their debut album, The Big Come Up, which was released in 2002 on Alive Records. The album became an instant hit, reflecting a huge achievement for the band considering that it was recorded unprofessionally on an eight tape home recorder. Their first single titled, “I’ll Be Your Man,” was used as the theme for hit HBO television series Hung. Another song from their debut album titled, “Breaks,” featured in the 2008 British crime film RocknRolla.

About The Black Keys

Following the success of their debut album, Black Keys released their second studio album titled Thickfreakness in April 2003. This album was also recorded in the basement of Carney’s home with the help of Tascam 388 recording equipment. The album consisted of three singles; “Set You Free,” “Hard Row,” and “Have Love, Will Travel.” “Set You Free” was used for the soundtrack of Hollywood film School of Rock, and also appeared in the 2009 comedy film, I love You Man.

In late 2003, the band released an EP in collaboration with Ohio based American post-rock group, The Six Parts Seven. The EP was named “The Six Parts Seven/The Black Keys EP,” and featured three songs by Black Keys and only one song by The Six Parts Seven.  The band released their long-awaited third studio album, Rubber Factory, in 2004. With the release of their third album, the band gained worldwide recognition and received rave reviews from music critics around the world. The album was recorded in a deserted factory located in Akron. Rubber Factory included three singles; “10 A.M. Automatic,” “Till I Get My Way” and “Girl is On My Mind.” These singles were later released as an EP and were featured in various movies, television shows and clothing campaigns. “10 A.M. Automatic” was used in American movies Live Free or Die and The Go Getter, Play station baseball game MLB 06: The Show, and also featured in a commercial for American Express Bank.

During the course of their successful music career, they have opened concerts for several famous rock groups such as Radiohead, Beck, Pearl Jam, and Sleater-Kinney. Black Keys released their next second EP, Chulahoma, in the first half of 2006. The album consists of seven covers of Juniour Kimbrough songs, the legendary blues musician who died in 1998. The band has released two live albums to-date; “Live” in March 2009 and “Live in Austin” in October 2003.

Their fourth debut album, Magic Potion, released in mid of 2006. Magic Potion was released on American indie music label Nonesuch Records, owned by Warner Music Group. The band released three singles in this album; “You’re the One,” “Your Touch,” and “Just Got To Be.” “Your touch” was used as a soundtrack on HBO series Eastbound & Dawn, and also featured on the 2009 Hollywood comedy film Zombie Land. Black Eyes released their fifth studio album named Attack & Release in April 2008. The album was produced by American musician and composer Brian Joseph Burton, commonly known as just Danger Mouse. The album featured in the top twenty on the Billboard 200 chart. Attack & Release featured three singles; “Strange Times,” “I Got Mine,” and “Same Old Thing.” “Strange Times” was used in video games Grand Theft Auto 4 and NASCAR 2009. In addition, “I Got Mine” was used in the Canadian Police Drama Series The Bridge and was also rated as one of the top songs of 2008 by Rolling Stones magazine.

Their sixth and most recent studio album, Brothers, was released in May 2010, making it their third consecutive studio album to have released on Nonesuch Records. The album reached the number three spot on Billboard 200 chart, shifting over seventy-three thousand copies. This album is widely regarded as their most commercially successful and highest charting album to-date. Only one single titled “Tighten Up” was released on the album. “Chop and Change” was used as the soundtrack of American movie The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.
The bands work is sometimes compared to many high-profile rock acts such as The White Stripes, Jimmy Hendrix, Junior Kimbrough, Muddy Waters, Elmore James and other famous blues artists from the sixties. So, don’t miss the opportunity to see this exceptional blues-rock duo perform live in a city near you. Be part of this musical extravaganza by purchasing your own Black Keys tickets right now!

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