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The Black Keys is a well known rock band that was created in 2001 in Akron in Ohio. The band comprises of Patrick Carney the drummer, and Dan Auerbach the lead guitarist and lead vocalist. The band basically started out as an independent group that was created when the duo dropped out of college. Soon after they came out to the mainstream music industry and were famed garage rock revival musicians from the decade of the 2000s. As reported in October in 2011, the band has successfully sold more than two million albums in just America and many more on an international level.

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The Black Keys signed up with the known indie music label company known as Alive and went onto releasing their debut album titled as The Big Come Up. This album of theirs came out in 2002 and was recorded in Patrick Carney’s basement. The album had a noticeable raw blues rock genre in it which came into the notice of another music label company called Fat Possum Records that ultimately signed them up. In a very short span of time, the band grew a massive fan following for it by making appearances at small clubs to releasing new albums and also featuring at some famous musical festivals. Their extensive licensing of the singles they created also led them to have a greater appeal among music fans. In 2004, the band released their third album which was titled as Rubber Factory. This album of theirs got an immense amount of critical acclaim and ended up pushing the profile of the band to a much more commercial stream.
Their third album also got them with one of the major record label companies in the United States known as Nonesuch Records in 2006. Before signing up with this music label company, the band had earlier produced their albums in makeshift studios; however in 2006 with the signup deal with Nonesuch Records, they released their fourth album titled as Attack & Release in 2008. This album was created in a professional studio and the band then hired Danger Mouse as their producer who had been regularly collaborating with the band. Their most prominent commercial breakthrough occurred in 2010 with their album known as Brothers. This album had a single called “Tighten Up”. The album and the single won a total of three Grammy Awards. In 2011, they released a follow-up called El Camino. This too ended up getting really great reviews and was placed at the number to slot on the Billboard 200 charts list. This led to the band going onto perform in the first arena concert tour. The band is now going to be performing alongside the band named Divine Fits in a live music event soon which is expected to be a mega successful event. You can now avail The Black Keys & Divine Fits tickets and enjoy a spectacular live music performance by these two rocking bands.
Divine Fits is a rock band from the United States. It comprises of Dan Boeckner, Alex Fischel, Britt Daniel, and Sam Brown. The group was created in early 2012. The band was formed when Britt Daniel advised Dan Boeckner to form a band together from their bands called Wolf Parade and Spoon. The band gave their first public appearance in Austin in Texas, where they ended up surprising a rather cheerful crowd just before they announced of their official debut. Even though the band is just a few months old, yet it has gathered a considerable fan following for it and has received a great feedback from Austin Chronicle and Austinist both of which have greatly praised the band. The band has given some great associated acts with other rock bands such as Handsome Furs, New Bomb Turks, Wolf Parade and Spoon.
Both the bands are now coming under one superb event that will feature their greatest live performances. The Black Keys & Divine Fits are known for their exciting live shows. This is definitely a great time to get your cheap The Black Keys & Divine Fits tickets and experience a rock music concert like never before.

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