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The Arcade Fire band members know the point where music becomes noise for you and you will never find them crossing that line. The band was formed in 2003 while their music expertise is much more mature. There are currently 8 members in the band led by Régine Chassagne and Win Butler. Other members include: Tim Kingsbury guitar, keyboard and plays bass guitar, William Butler plays percussion, synthesizer, guitar and base, Richard Parry is on double bass, electric guitar, drums, keyboards accordion and celesta, Sara Neufeld plays keyboards, fiddle and also back the vocals, Jeremy Gara is the dandy drummer for the band and Marika Shaw joins Arcade Fire only for the tours and is brilliant at playing violin. Arcade Fire London Tickets will confirm their musicality to you.

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Arcade Fire is quite popular in London and their albums land straight on UK Album Charts in the top tier. They released their first album Funeral in 2004 and it earned the Grammy Award nomination for Best Alternative Music Album. It is placed 3rd on the monthly U.S magazine Paste’s list of 50 Best Albums of the Decade. Neon Bible, their second album released in 2007 turned out to be hit bigger than the previous one. This album confirmed the band’s high music sense and became inspiration for the artists of this genre. Their latest album The Suburbs has topped the U.K Albums Charts, Canadian Albums Charts and the U.S Billboard 200. Arcade Fire is the top choice for those who want more music and fewer tricks. You have to grab Arcade Fire London Tickets now or you are likely to miss them for good.