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Swans is a post-punk music group from New York City. They first emerged onto the music scene in 1982 and enjoyed a decent stay until they disbanded in 1997. In early 2010, they announced that they had reconciled. They went on to producing even more albums and selling more Swans tickets. In their latest tour, they will be promoting their new album entitled “My Father Will Guide Me up a Rope to the Sky”.

About Swans Tickets

Even in their active years through the 80s and the 90s, Swans went through change in members quite frequently. There has been an astonishing 20 members who joined the band then left it during the course of the 15 years that the group was active. The only consistent members have been Michael Gira the leader, (who is also the singer and principle songwriter for the band) and Jarobe, the group’s keyboard player and other main songwriter. In many ways, member Norman Westberg, the band’s guitarist has also had a relatively long relationship with Swans. Now, the group’s line up consists of Gira as the lead vocalist, Christoph Hahn and Norman Westberg, the guitar players, Chris Pravdica, the bass player and Thor Harris and Phil Puleo, both of whom alternate between playing either the drums, the keyboard or the dulcimer. Together, they are all set to sell thousands of Swans tickets this year. Fans of the band can go online and find cheap Swans tickets for various shows as well.
When Swans started out, they were the first music group to delve into the “New York No Wave” music style. They introduced the use of multiple instruments in their recordings and live shows. A lot of critics at the time found their choice of instruments strange and unheard of. What also set them apart was their droning singing style; a sound most fans could associate to right away as belonging to Swans. And since Gira still remains the lead vocalist, concert goers can expect their signature sound when they attend Swans live concert.
When talking about choosing the name for the band, Gira often says that he felt it describes their sound best. Swans are beautiful creatures, elegant and majestic, but they have really bad temperaments. With this name selected, Gira collected the first ever lineup to kick start the band’s career. The early members were Jonathan Kane, the drummer, Mojo, the percussionist, Sue Hanel, the guitarist, and Thurston Moore as the bass player. This was the lineup that helped in creating the band’s first ever album. They put out a self titled EP—and this would turn out to be poles apart from the kind of work the band would put out later. With the new songs, they set out to introduce themselves through live performances and managed to sell some cheap Swans tickets. This album was also more skewed towards the blues and rock style of music. The bizarre instrumentation did help in creating a jazzy sound which skimmed around the “No Wave” genre the band would go on to perfect.
When they disbanded in 1997, each member went onto their separate projects. Gira created a new group called “Angels of Light”, but continued to work for his old recording company. Jarobe tried her luck as a solo performer. Then, around 2009, they hinted at the fact that they might reform Swans. The following year, they made the official announcement on their website. By late September of that year, they released their first album in nearly 15 years. They began to tour once more and sold a good amount of Swans tickets. They even recorded some of their shows and in 2012; they released the live record, “We Rose from Your Bed with the Sun in Our Head”. To sell this record, they adopted a means of self financing. They would carry on smaller projects on the side and use the money to finance their major projects.
Swans is continuing to tour and perform at both major shows and smaller venues. They are going to go on with the self financing technique till they get back on their feet and establish their name onto this new market. While they are delighted to be performing again for their old fans, they are also hoping to get some new ones with their latest tour.

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