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Suzanne Vega is a singer and songwriter from Santa Monica, California. She sings in the electric folk genre, often crossing over to alternative rock. She is most known for her two hits, “Tom’s Diner” and “Luka”, both of which have charted in the top ten of many different countries. She has been an active professional singe since 1982 and continues to perform till this day. Her dedication to music has not kept her away from the stage or her fans for very long. She returns once more this season for a series of concerts as Suzanne Vega tickets go on sale.

About Suzanne Vega

Vega was born in 1959 to parents of mixed heritage—her father was Scottish-English-Irish, while her mother was of German-Swedish descent. While she was very young, her parents divorced. Her mother then married Ed Vega, who was a famous Puerto Rican writer who would later on become her true father figure and whose name she would adopt for the remaining of her life. Even though she was born in California, she moved to New York City very young. She spent most of her childhood in the Spanish Harlem, and the rest in the “Upper West Side”.
Vega was creative from the very beginning. Around the age of nine, she discovered her love of writing poetry. By the time she was fourteen, she translated those abilities into songwriting instead. When it was apparent that she has a knack for the arts, she got enrolled in the “High School of Performing Arts”, an institute of the highest esteem. Here, she was a student of modern dance, graduating in 1977. Later on, she attended the “Barnard College” where she changed directions and studied English literature instead. But she did not give up on singing altogether. While in college, she would perform in different pubs and little venues around her town. She became a regular at the “Cornelia Street Cafe” where she joined the songwriting group known as “Jack Hardy’s”. It was during this time that some of her first songs were made public by being included on “Fast Folk”, a compilation album put together by the group. By 1984, she had managed to score a recording contract with a major label. This made her the first artist from “Fast Folk” to have a record deal, or a chance to make it into the mainstream.
Her debut record was released in 1985, a self-titled record, and it was received to good graces all over the United States. It went to platinum in the UK; quite a big feat for a folk artist at the time. The album itself did not consist of too much production—it was simply a collection of songs composed by Vega on her acoustic guitar and with very basic arrangements. Lenny Kane was the producer on the album, while Steve Addabbo was amongst the co-producers. At the time, her music video for the single “Marlene on the Wall” was amongst the most played on VH1 and MTV, often being played in rotation. Apart from singing and promoting her album, Vega also worked as a songwriter for other artists. She wrote some of the lyrics for Philip Glass on his album, “Songs from Liquid Days”.
With her sophomore album, “Solitude Standing”, which was released in 1985, Vega gained commercial success as well as critical acclaim. This was also the album that produced one of her most popular singles to date, “Luka”. Up until this point in her career, she had only ever promoted herself around the US; this song made her famous all over the world. The content of the single addressed a serious matter, the life story of an abused child named Luka. Subject matters like these were not the focus of pop hits at the time. As a whole, the album continued with Vega’s signature acoustic sound, but also included some fuller arrangements that would fit into the pop category as well. It also included her second hit, “Tom’s Diner”. The song was originally an acappella track on the record. But the hit as we know it today is actually an arrangement that the dance music company, DNA put together in 1990. The company consisted of British mixers who would first play it at their shows but later got Vega’s permission to release it through her label.
Vega has not stopped performing a day since she first began. Hundreds of Suzanne Vega tickets are sold every year, only reinforcing the fact that her fan base has only strengthened over the years.