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The name “Everclear” was inspired by the name of the controversial grain liquor and the lives and times of the founding members of this music band are not any less controversial.  Everclear was formed in 1992 by Art Alexakis, Craig Montoya and Scott Cuthbert. As a band Everclear’s first releases were practiced and recorded in the basement of a friend. The songs Nervous & Weird and World of Noise were released in 1993, by Portland’s Tim/Kerr records. However, the band soon became frustrated by Tim/Kerr’s lack of interest in publicity and finally hired an independent promoter to push their fist album to the next level. Form here on it was just a matter of time before the promoters and the band itself realized that Everclear needed a bigger vehicle to reach its specific audience. Today Everclear is in a league of its own where popularity is concerned and Everclear tickets for shows and concerts sell off like hot-cakes.

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By 1994 Everclear had been signed up by Capitol records. Capitol records already had bands like Nirvana, Sonic Youth and Counting Crows on its portfolio. Even though around this time Scott Cuthbert decided to leave the band and was soon replaced by drummer Greg Eklund. Everclear released its first album for Capitol Records called Sparkle & Fade in 1995. Sparkle & Fade received a very luke warm response initially, but by the end of 1995, thanks to the second single on the album “Santa Monica” started gaining popularity and eventually turned Sparkle & Fade into a certified Platinum record.
Work on the bands second album started soon after in 1996. The second album turned out to be a much tougher job since very close to its completion, the lead Alexakis was still not satisfied. He recorded a few more singles for the album and most of those singles made their way onto the OST’s of major Hollywood movies of that era.  For example "The Swing" and "Otis Redding" were left out of the original album but they were released none the less and became part of the OST of the Hollywood block buster Scream 2 and the first volume of “Songs from an American Movie”.  Two more single’s from the second album, “Everything to Everyone” and “I Will buy You a New Life” did not make much of a sound initially but did play a crucial part in pushing the album forward. “Local Gold” another single from this album made its way onto the OST of Baz Luhrman movie Romeo+Juliet in 1996. Around this time Everclear started on its first ever US tour. As the Everclear ticket sales predicted, the tour was a huge success.
Inspite of all this popularity, it was actually the single “Father of Mine” that catapulted Everclear into mainstream fame and success, while their album Afterglow is what earned them their first ever Grammy nomination. By the end of 1998 Afterglow had earned a double platinum.
After that , the group lead Alexakis took a break from Everclear and decided to do his own singles with  David LoPrinzi, Brian Lehfeldt, and James Beaton. The result of this collaboration were not up to the mark and so Alexakis brought in this old band members Montoya and Eklund and record a whole new album with them. This union resulted in the release of “Songs From an American Movie, Vol 1: Learning How to Smile” in 2000. This also brought forward the bands most successful song ever “Wonderful” to light. Songs From an American Movie, Vol 2: Good Time for a Bad Attitude was released just four months after its first part.
Since then Everclear has seen its fair share of ups and downs, make-ups and break-ups. Everclear tickets throughout this time remained a hot commodity as always, which in itself is proof that the band never really went out of the public eye.
In 2011 the band started recording a new upcoming studio album and re-recording their past hits album titled "Return to Santa Monica." The latest Everclear album Invisible Stars is expected to be released in the summer of 2012. The most recent tour took place this year in early March in collaboration with artists like Sugar Ray, Marcy Playground, Lit and Gin Blossoms. As expected it was a great success and Everclear tickets were a complete sell out. This year also, all you fans should be on the lookout for cheap Everclear tickets. Already the demand is at its peak for these tickets so get yours asap!

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