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Talented bands that not only entertain the audience, but also define new dimensions of music, are surely an asset for the industry, like Soundgarden. Seattle, Washington based American rock band Soundgarden was founded in 1984. The band’s initial lineup included Kim Thayil as the lead guitarist, Hiro Yamamoto as the bassist and Chris Cornell as the lead vocalist. Hiro Yamaoto was later on replaced by Ben Shepherd in 1990 as the bassist, while the band included Matt Cameron as one of the permanent members in 1986.

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Super Unknown - A Tribute to Soundgarden Shank Hall Milwaukee Saturday
11/11/2017 8:00 PM
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About Soundgarden

Chris Cornell and Hiro Yamamoto were together before the formation of Soundgarden in another Seattle based band named The Shemps. Kim Thayil also joined the band after Yamamoto left it, and matured there into a good bassist. After some years, The Shemps broke up, and Chris Cornell and Yamamoto decided to play together as an independent band named Soundgarden, where soon they were joined by Kim Thayil who was also free after disbanding of The Shemps and was a good friend of the two. Initially the lead singer Chris Cornell was also the drummer for the band, who later on recruited Scott Sundquist as the dedicated drummer so that Chris could focus on his vocals. Soon the band was recognized by the critics as one of the potential new top of the list bands, and they started working on their debut album.

Critics often name Soundgarden as one of the first bands to introduce a relatively new genre of music to the world, called the Grunge. Soundgarden, and some other Seattle and vicinity based bands have worked on this alternative rock form a great deal, and have a major role in flourishing as one of the newer and popular genres. It is claimed that Soundgarden was the first Grunge band that signed a renowned record label, but unfortunately could not achieve a remarkable popularity until this form of music became recognized and popular by the masses, owing to the efforts of some other bands that played a similar music. These bands include Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains.

The band released its debut album titled Ultramega OK in 1988 that failed to provide the band initial commercial success. Nevertheless, the album was critically acclaimed later to an extent that it earned them a Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance in 1990. According to the lead vocalist Chris Cornell, one of the major reasons for not achieving the desired results with the album initially was the wrong selection of producer, who was not much aware of the requirements for popularity of an album in a city like Seattle. The band released its second album in 1989 with the title Louder that Love that provided them a better response from rock music lovers. According to the critics, the new album was the band’s step in the direction of more mainstream heavy metal music. The album reached number 108 on the Billboard 200 charts. Soon after the release of this album, the band’s bassist Hiro Yamamoto left the band, and was replaced soon by Jason Everman, who had also been playing with Nirvana.

The band had a rising popularity graph in early 1990s, when public was starting to mature in a taste of grunge music, and other similar bands were creating good music in this genre. Ben Shepherd joined the band in that time, replacing Everman and becoming a permanent part of Soundgarden. While having an increasing popularity with every passing day, the band had a break up among its members in 1997 owing to some personal problems that failed to sort out. Chris Cornell, the lead vocalist worked a lot for the reunion, and finally succeeded in it in 2010. A major performance after the reunion was at Lollapalooza Festival in April, after which the band was officially claimed to have reunited. Before breaking up, the band had released 5 studio albums that were liked greatly by the public. The band is currently working on their first studio album after reunion, and critics have high hopes for that album. After selling 21 million records worldwide, Soundgarden Tickets promise music lovers an exciting performance that is sure to satisfy their musical desires!

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