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There is nothing more exciting and at the same time relaxing then the time spent with your family and friends, listening to quality music. To fulfill your dream Social Distortion is here to give you an experience that you have been waiting for.

About Social Distortion

Social Distortion was formed in the year 1978 in California. It is an American punk rock band .It currently consists of four members which include Brent Harding for bass, Mike Ness for guitar and vocals, David Hidalgo, Jr for drums and Jonny Wickersham for guitar. It came into existence with the help of Mike Ness who due to his inspiration with British punk bands decided to make his own band. Originally the members of the band were Rikk and Frank Agnew on guitars, Ness on lead guitar and Casey Royer on drums. It all started when Ness met Dennis Danell in high school .He suddenly saw the spark in Danell and asked him to join his band. But as soon as Ness bought Danell in, the rest of the members left the band in order to make their own independent band. For many years Ness and Danell were the constant members of the band and everything else kept on changing.

In 1982 they recorded their first album Mommy's Little Monster. This was the album that paved the way for their success and made them popular in the field of music. It would not be incorrect to say that this was their first breakthrough. In 1989 Social Distortion signed a contract with Epic, which was an American record label. In the same year they started working on their third album named Social Distortion which was produced by Dave Jerden.After a lot of hard work it was released in 1990.It included songs like Story of My Life and Ball and Chain. This album was an immediate success. It was considered to be much more successful than his previous albums. This can be seen from the fact that it kept on doing business even after twenty years of its release. It is also very well known as one of the best rock albums of 1990’s.In 1992 their fourth album Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell was released. Two of its songs When She Begins and Bad Luck were an instant hit which increased the popularity of the band even further. It was able to beat all previous records and emerged as one the finest albums of the band. The drummer Christopher Reece left the band in 1994, after the release of its fourth album.

In 1994 Social Distortion began composing songs for their fifth album i.e. White Trash, White Heat, White Light. This album is very significant as it was the last album to be recorded with Dennis Danell before his death. In 1997 they left Epic and rejoined Time Bomb Recordings. It was after this collaboration that the band released its first and the last live album known as Live at the Roxy. With the death of Danell came a lot of rumors about the band being split up. But Ness though being the only original member left of the band after Danell’s death, did not loose hope. He was joined by another guitarist Jonny Wickersham .The band did continue touring, though less frequently, but managed to give outstanding performances all around the country. This was evident from the amount of appreciation they got from the audience when they performed in front of them. All shows were completely sold out and they continued playing for three consecutive years. The music is inspired by some early punk bands including Ramones, Sex Pistols and The Clash.

Social Distortion is a band that has a style of its own. The main features of the band and the performances themselves are very unique and it is this distinctive quality that sets it apart from other such bands of its time. It has been using a skeleton as its logo since the time the band came into existence. It has followed the band like a lucky mascot .No matter how many people come and leave the band but the logo remains the same reminding us of its true identity and origin. It is used on the album covers as well as in the live performances.

Social Distortion Tickets guarranttee you an awesome experience at the most exhilarating performance of the year. The talent it exhibits is matchless and will transport you to the realm of enchanting music.

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