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Born in Derry, Northern Ireland in 1996, SOAK is an Irish singer-songwriter whose real name is BridieMonds-Watson. She first picked up the guitar in her early teens, and began writing music of her own. For someone who was just shy of twenty, she had accomplished a lot during her relatively short music career. Her music was described as ‘a vivid portrait of teenage deep-thinking’ by The Guardian. Before We Forgot How To Dream, her first full length studio album came out in 2015 and has gained her exposure and earned her more fans.

About Soak

This year, SOAK will be heading out on tour with the Lumineers and Sleepwalkers on The Cleopatra World Tour. Be sure to catch this sixteen-year old musical prodigy on tour by grabbing your SOAK tickets today!

How SOAK came to pursue music

BridieMonds-Watson comes from Northern Ireland, from a town called Derry. She was just 14 years old when she emerged onto the music scene of Derry. The minute she became transfixed with music, she began writing songs and recording demos. She promoted her material by playing small gigs and concerts, as well as playing in what she describes as ‘a shitty band’ with her friends.

Described as a ‘multi-instrumentalist,’ SOAK plays a variety of instruments.She’s not too keen on the label and instead, she says she just dabbles with different types of instruments and learns along the way.

From early on, her mother became her manager and was initially brought on to ‘look after things.’ Together with her mother, she came up with her stage name SOAK. The Telegraph describes her name as ‘a portmanteau of ‘soul’ and ‘folk’, with SOAK’s music falling somewhere in between’. To give her music career everything that she has, SOAK left school and proceeded to work on her music full time.

In an interview SOAK said: "When I was growing up, my parents introduced me to a lot of artists that I was primarily inspired by, the likes of Damien Rice and Joni Mitchell. [That] meant when I was writing music it felt natural to be quite confessional. Writing songs became my way of communicating with my friends and family, and saying all the things that I didn't really want to say in a direct conversation. I could take things that I was thinking about, elements of things that were happening in my life, with my friends, and get across what I was feeling."

Music Styles and Influences

In her own words, SOAK is influenced by an eclectic variety of music artists. The vast array and types of music that she has been influenced by has likely helped her carve out her own unique sound and style.The artists she particularly admires are The 1975, Foals, ABBA, Joni Mitchell, and Pink Floyd.

SOAK has the ability to captivate audiences with her smooth vocals. The fact that she plays a number of instruments by herself also adds to her appeal and helps the audience connect with her. For someone so young, she has managed to not only write and compose music which is original and fresh, but she’s also reached a stage where she’s comfortable when she takes to the stage.

To date, SOAK has released one full length debut studio album, Before We Forgot How to Dream, which was released in 2015. Prior to this release, SOAK had recorded a few EP’s called As Wet As Possible, Trains, and Turning Tomorrow.

As for her writing style, SOAK claims that she likes to approach writing with honesty. Each song she writes is about a situation she has experienced or been in.

SOAK in 2016

Since the release of her first full length album, SOAK has definitely seen a surge in her popularity. So much so that she will be one of the acts on the Lumineer’s highly anticipated Cleopatra World Tour. You can see SOAK perform live by getting your hands on some SOAK tickets well in advance. Don’t wait till it’s too late; you don’t want to miss the chance to see this young musical prodigy perform live.