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‘An ultimate stoner rock band’ as defined by the critics, Sleep is well known in the music industry for its incredible contributions to the doom metal genre. Appearing in the music scene in the early nineties, it was amongst the few bands of the era to introduce the stoner metal music. With amazing lyrics and distinct sound, Sleep earned fame in a short span of time, building up on its fan profile.

About Sleep

The band formerly known as Asbestosdeath include band members Al Cisneros as the vocalist, Chris Hakius as the drummer and Tom Choi as the guitarist. After a change in their lineup the band changed its name to ‘Sleep’ before its debut album release.  The launch of ‘Volume One’ happened to be phenomenal, and earned the band a considerable fan following. Getting appreciated for its unique vision and single-mindedness, the band was signed by London Records for its future releases.

Sleep has released up to four albums so far, with ‘Jerusalem’ being the latest one. It always comes as a surprise to people that the band has released such few albums despite being in the industry for a long time. Well, Sleep due to the internal issues with the record labels, took a break from the music scene for a period of ten years and reappeared in 2008. Its absence didn’t really fade its fame away from the industry. Its music exerted a consistent influence on the modern day rock metal bands which helped them tailoring their piece of work on the same tunes as that of the legendary band. Sleep made a major come back in a musical concert which had a phenomenal audience turn up, just like the old times.

The band for its music, takes influence from the legendary rock band ‘Black Sabbath’. The four album releases since inception to date has brought up many hit singles on the forefront such as ‘Holy Mountain’, ‘Aquarian’, ‘The Druid’ and many others of the sort.  Its contribution weren’t only limited to the studio albums, but Sleep also worked on the compilation albums which produced sensational numbers such as ‘Snowblind’, ‘Dragonaut’, ‘The Suffering’ and the likes.

Sleep is known for releasing albums with a concept. Its first album ‘Volume One’ with its foreshadowing lyrics, offered raw subjectivity and happened to be very conclusive. Coupled with the squeaky sound of guitar and heavy drum bass, the soundtracks left an impact on the audience, building up a fan base for the band. Another album ‘Sleep’s Holy Mountain’ featured a different type of music with layers of guitar sound with the drums and piano as the background sounds. Continuing with the same pattern, the other two album releases were launched with a different concept, getting positive reviews from the critics as well as its fans. Hoarse vocals along with unique lyrics, laced with the heavy sound of music happen to be the point of identification for the band.
The absence of Sleep from the music industry was literally felt by its fans. The news of its reunion in fall of 2010 spread the wave of excitement amongst them. Its first appearance after the long break happened in England at ‘All Tomorrow Parties’ Music Festival. The audience response was beyond the band’s expectations. Sleep then toured US for a performance in ATP New York Festival and sang the audiences’ favorites from the album ‘Holy Mountain’. Glad at the incredible audience response, the band plans to continue with its promotional tours before the launch of another album. Sleep is all set for rocking live performances in the cities of California and Los Angeles. The party begins this summer from the month of June and is planned to continue till July. So all rock music fans out there, the band is back with a bang! Sleep Tickets are already on sale and are selling like hot cakes!  Rush off and grab them as soon as possible!