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If you are looking for an exhilarating experience that would elevate your mood and will give you an altogether unique experience, then your wait is over as cheap Sarah McLachlan tickets is going to take you into the realm of excitement with her all new performances this season. Sarah McLachlan is a Canadian singer, songwriter and musician. She was born on January 28, 1968 at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Her immense talent has given her the position and popularity that she enjoys today. Her mezzo-soprano vocal range and emotional ballads are the key features of her singing and have been acclaimed throughout the world.Alongwith her studies she took voice lessons in guitar and classical piano. Her love for music is evident from the very beginning. When she was seventeen years old she studied at Queen Elizabeth High School, where she made a rock band named The October Game. This band performed for the first time at Dalhousie University and over there her talent was recognized and brought to the public for the first time. She was offered a contract with an independent record label, Nettwerk from Vancouver. This label was owned by Mark Jowett. Her parents wanted her to finish high school before signing any contracts. After two years Sarah signed the contract and from then onwards there was no looking back. She married her drummer Ashwin Sood in the year 1997.

About Sarah Mclachlan

After signing the contract McLachlan moved to Vancouver and it was there when in 1988 she recorded her first album Touch which won the appreciation of a large number of people .It included a hit song "Vox" which proved to be a milestone in her career. In the same year she went on her first tour concert where she did an opening act for The Grapes of Wrath which is another Canadian rock band and has been one of the most popular bands of the country. In 1991 came her second album Solace which was a breakthrough for her in the music industry. It included hit songs like "Into the fire" and "The Path of Thorns (Terms)".In 1993 Sarah McLachlan’s another album "Fumbling Towards Ecstasy" was released that proved her talent further and became her first international breakthrough. This could be seen from the fact that her songs were at the top of the charts all around the world. In 1997 came her biggest ever hit album ‘Surfacing’.

Her hit songs and successful albums won her four Juno awards and two Grammy awards. ‘Surfacing’ proved to be another milestone. The album was so successful that over 11 million copies have been sold through out the world, which took her further in her determination to emerge as one of the best singer the world has ever seen. In 1996 McLachlan became angry and extremely annoyed due to the behavior of radio stations and concert promoters. They refused to let two female musicians perform in a row which made her extremely frustrated. At that time she decided to go on a tour with Paula Cole and their performances together was named Lilith Fair and it included performances of other famous singers and musicians as well like Cole, Michelle McAdorey and Lisa Loeb. In 1997 Lilith Fair featured McLachlan as the leading performer and earned a total of 16 million dollars. It has now been considered as one of the most popular concert tour of the world. It has been participating in social work activities and has raised an amount of 7 million dollars for charities. It enjoys the status of being the biggest musical festival of 1990’s and the most successful all female music festival ever recorded in history. It has acted as a platform for launching several new talents and has actually played a very important role in the lives of so many talented female artists who otherwise would have faced a lot of difficulty in achieving what they have achieved today.

Sarah McLachlan has numerous awards to her name. She has the honor of being nominated for twenty one Juno Awards and was able to win eight. The video for her song "Into the Fire" received an award for being the best video of the year. She won the award for the best Female Vocalist of the Year in 1998.In 2000 her success and unbelievable talent was acclaimed internationally and was given an International Achievement award. Sarah McLachlan Tickets will make you witness such an outstanding and beautiful performance that you will not be able to forget in years to come.

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