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Sarah McLachlan will be coming to Vancouver soon to spread the magic of her voice.

An accomplished Canadian singer and songwriter, Sarah McLachlan was destined for stardom since a tender age. Her first album, “Touch” was recorded in 1988 with its song “Vox” being the highlight. Her breakthrough in Canada was her second album, “Solace” (1991) which was also the start of her partnership with her producer, Pierre Marchand. However, the album which made the international community notice this highly talented musician was her third album, “Fumbling Towards Ecstasy” released in 1993.

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About Sarah Mclachlan Vancouver Tickets

Sarah McLachlan is known for her vocal range of a mezzo-soprano and her ballads filled with emotions. She has sold more than 40 million albums around the world. She has received two Grammy Awards for her album “Surfacing” (1997) and is considered to be her most successful album so far. She has also won four Juno Awards for it. The album alone has sold more than 11 million copies. The song “Angel” from the album reached the top position on Billboard charts.

One of Sarah McLachlan’s main social achievements is the founding of the ‘Lilith Fair Concert Tours’ in 1996. These tours promote female musicians. The tour was discontinued in 1999 but it resumed last year.

There is no denying the genius of Sarah McLachlan. Back to the city from where she debuted, Sarah McLachlan Vancouver shows are going to be a success and so Sarah McLachlan Vancouver Tickets are something which should not be missed at all!