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Santigold is a singer, songwriter and producer from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her real name is Santi White. When she first started out, she went by the name Santogold. It was under this name that she released her first album, “Santogold” in 2008. She later on changed her name to Santigold and came up with her second album, “Master of My Make-Believe”. The album is fairly recent, having been released only in April of 2012. She is going on tour this summer to promote this album, so be sure to get Santigold tickets to catch her live.

About Santigold

Santigold has a degree in Music, as well as in African American studies. She picked her stage name from a friend who used to call her that when they were younger. After getting her degree, White spent some time working as the A&R representative for “Epic Records”. But with music in her blood, the repertoire work and talent scouting was not enough for her. Thus, she left her job and went on to work with the artist Res instead. She co-wrote on her album and also served as the executive producer.
Along with her production and behind the artist work, Santigold also had some performance experience. She was the lead singer for a band from her hometown called “Stiffled”. With the band she released two albums: in 2003, “Sex Sells” and in 2005, “Burned Again”. These albums were produced by the band’s bassist, Darryl Jenifer and producer Bad Brains. It was while she was in the band that she received an offer for a recording contract as a solo singer by “Lizard King Records” representative, Martin Heath. Her next big move was to release her own songs and build herself as a solo singer. She released “Creator” as her first single and followed it up with “L.E.S. Artistes”. The two songs were quite popular, especially on the internet. By 2008, she had released her first solo album, “Santogold”. John Hill, a member of “Stifled” helped her create this album. Her work did not go unnoticed and she received special mentions in “Entertainment Weekly” magazine and “Spin” magazine. Moreover, “Rolling Stones” magazine places her song “L.E.S. Artistes” at the top two in their “Singles of the Year” list, and put “Santogold” at number six in their list of “Albums of the Year”. The same year, she even sold some Santigold tickets by going on tour with several other artists, including Bjork and M.I.A. She was also the opening act for the UK band Coldplay for their US tour. Later, she sold Santigold tickets for her own tour as well, and called it the “Goldrush Tour”. Once she was done with her concert series, she joined Kanye West and Jay Z on their joint tour and opened for them on a few of their shows. Her touring for the year concluded with her being the opening act for none other than the Beastie Boys.
In early 2009, she announced that she will no longer go by the name Santogold, but go for Santigold instead. The name change was instigated by a potential lawsuit from film director Santo Victor Rigatuso who had made the film “Santo Gold’s Blood Circus”. After this hinder, Santigold came back with an amazing set for the “Lollapalooza Festival” where she attracted a massive audience and put on a great show. It was then that she announced that she was going to start working on a new album.
Santigold kicked off 2011 with the single “Go!” in which she collaborated with the “Yeah Yeah Yeahs” member, Karen O. Then she continued to record the rest of the album. Parts of it were recorded in Jamaica and some of it was produced by Dave Sitek. Later in the year, she announced that the title of the new album was going to be “Master of My Make-Believe”. She played some of her new songs and sold Santigold tickets by performing with the “Red Hot Chilli Peppers” on their “I’m With You Tour”. And now, she prepares for her upcoming solo tour to promote this new album. The music for the tour is going to be largely electronic with elements of reggae and new wave as well.
Santigold has worked her way into the mainstream with a lot of dedication and after a long time of working behind the scenes. She has writing credits for a number of famous songs. With her newest tour, she will get the chance to finally be front and center.