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Do you want to be left speechless with awe and excitement? The answer is simple, just do yourself a favor and get Rx Bandits Tickets. All you rock, reggae fans out there! Go ahead and click a few buttons and you will get your tickets pronto. Be in the presence of a highly exhilarating, entertaining band, whose members truly know the meaning of connecting with their audience.

About Rx Bandits Tickets

 Formed in 1995 in California, Rx Bandits were originally known as the Pharmaceutical Bandits. They started by playing a vital role in the revival of third wave ska in the US like their counter parts No Doubt and Reel Big Fish. Their first album, in 1997, was Those Damn Bandits, which was pure ska-punk material.
In 1998, their second album Halfway Between Here and There was released, which was a definite improvement as the band starting showing maturity and added a definite pop sound to their earlier predominantly ska inspired music. The album received extensive success and a definite fan following began building up for the band. The Pharmaceutical Bandits toured successfully with other bands like Big Reel Fish, GoldFinger and the Bloodhound Gang.
In 1999, the band changed its name to their present name of Rx Bandits. Unfortunately, their bassist and saxophonist left and the band was only able to fill up the empty place for the bassist by My Superhero’s James Salomone. Then in 2001, the more diverse sounds were created in Progress, an appropriate name as the band definitely moved forward. Analog Boy started with a beautiful, hummable music and then the rock was creatively integrated in the softer sounds. With political, philosophical lyrics, the Rx Bandits was here to stay.
After Progress, the band encountered some serious lineup changes but under the progressive songwriting of vocalist Matt Embree, the band continued to improve and mature. The band finally ended up with the lethal combination of Matt Embree, Christopher Tsagakis, Steve Choi, Chris Sheets, Steve Borth and Joseph Troy.
Then 2003 came with the release of their musical masterpiece, Resignation, issued by Drive-Thru Records. The album was full of thrilling surprises with beautifully written lyrics. The harmonies were superb and created with some serious thinking. Above all, the horn riffs were truly and completely awesome. The third wave ska was left far behind; the Rx Bandits outgrew it and used moodier reggae with raw sounds and political lyrics. The time was ripe for the band to develop its niche in the music industry.
Rx Bandits knew that their strong point was their creative, unique live performances. They cashed this by releasing a DVD of their live performances in 2004 under Embree’s own label Mash Down Babylon (MDB) Records. In 2006, Rx Bandits released their first album with MDB Records named …And the Battle Begun. The album displayed the further maturity of the band with their magical tunes and mesmerizing lyrics. The fanbase became stronger and stronger and the concert tours were a huge success. Unfortunately, Rx Bandits went through a time of lineup changes again. Their saxophone player Steve Borth and Horn player Chris Sheets left. However, the band did not let these breakups dampen their spirits and in 2009, Mandala was released. The album was another sign of pure talent and consisted of beautifully composed music with thought-provoking lyrics.  2010 saw the Gramercy Theater, New York City lit up with 3 nights of pure music and pleasure as Rx Bandits performed their three albums Resignation, …And the Battle Begun and Mandala.
Do not miss out this great opportunity to see your favorite band at close range displaying their immense talent. They are 100% entertainment due to the pure energy they put in their live performances. Moreover, they improvise according to the mood of the audience giving perfect, unadulterated excitement. Get your Rx Bandits Tickets now and scream and clap in exhilaration!  You will leave the concert wanting more and more and more!


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