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Every year, all the hip hoppers gather at the Rock the Bells festival for a groovy party. Rock the Bells is the biggest gathering of the hip hoppers which brings out the best in them. The annual festival is a great place for all the hip hop lovers to catch on all the latest songs and the upcoming talented artists as plenty of singers hit the festival each year with the intention of making an impression on their fans. Rock the Bells is a festival is a place where there is plenty to look forward to. There is a sea of shaggily dress men and women with the cool gadgets and loose clothes. The festival literally brings the hip hopper to life in the audiences members and gives them an exhilarating experience. That is one of the prime reasons why year after year huge crowd turns up to attend the festival.

About Rock The Bells Tickets

All the zeal and fervor seen on the festival is simply because of the fact that there is no other festival for hip hop that could rival the massive popularity enjoyed by Rock the Bells festival. Each year thousands and thousands of fans attend this festival because not only does it bring some of the best hip hop artists to the stage but also gives due time to the upcoming talent as a way of promoting it. In fact, this festival acts as a launch pad for underground artists to make an impression on both the fans of hip hop as well as on the record producers. This simple fact makes the festival better than most other music festivals as it not only provides tones of entertainment to the fans but also provides the new artists the necessary exposure the need to find a foot hole in the competitive industry of music.

The festival that is now becoming a sensation not just in the US but around the globe! Even though initially, the festival was mean for the Southern parts of the State of California but soon enough the organizers realized that it is not the only place where people enjoy hip hop music and for that reason, the show turned in to a massively popular festival which toured around the globe. The show was founded by the Guerilla Union which organized the first festival which was held in 2004. The timings of the festival were perfect as well as it was set in the Late Summer Season. The festival features some of the most popular artists of the hip hop world. This strategy works greatly in the favor of the organizers of the festival as they use the limelight to promote the new artists.

The first festival was held in the mid of July in 2004 at San Bernardino's National Orange Show in the State of California. The lineup for this show included Dilated Peoples, Wu-Tang Clan, Super Natural, Sage Francis, Chali 2na & DJ Nu-Mark of Jurassic 5, Fatastik 4our and Eyedea & Abilities. Wu-Tang Clan was one of the bands which came back to perform for the festival for the following years. Such popular bands brought fans from far and wide and the festival was a hit! The popularity of the show sky rocketed in almost no time. In 2006, the festival blew everyone away by turning into a world tour. From South Carolina to Connecticut, from Utah to New York there were several shows held with very popular artists.

In 2010, the 7th Annual Rock the Bells festival was held with its launch party in the gilded city of Hollywood. Some of the artists featured in this festival were super stars like Snoop Dogg, Lauryn Hill, Lady of Rage, A Tribute Called Quest and several other artists. With the lineup, the organizers have sure proven once again that if there is a place for any kind of hip hop fan to be, it is at this festival. So make sure you grab your Rock Bells tickets and see the show.

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A:rock the bells tickets are generally delivered via FedEx to the address associated with your credit card unless specified otherwise.

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