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Rise Against is an American music band which concentrates on the genres of punk rock, hardcore punk, alternative rock and melodic hardcore. They are called a political band as their songs mostly focus on political issues and injustices by the people in power. Punk rock genre was established in 1970’s and most of the songs were revolutionary in nature. Rise Against is the follower of the same revolution. Their punch chant “Rise! Rise! Rise!” creates an atmosphere of revolution. Most of the punk rock bands create an atmosphere of negativity and dark emotions but this band tries to convey its message in a positive way. It tries to capture common man’s concerns and sentiments over various issues. They are strong advocates of animal rights; most of them are against alcohol or any other kind of drugs. During the presidential elections, they opposed Bush openly and supported Obama. According to them, they focus on issues rather than a single person which is a progressive approach.

About Rise Against

Rise Against was formed in 1999.  The current members of the group include Tim Macllrth who is the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist; Zach Blair is lead guitarist and backing vocalist; Joe Principe is the bass guitarist and backing vocalist while Brandon Barnes is on drums and percussion. Initially the band was named “Transistor Revolt” and it was formed by 88 Fingers Louie and Baxtor. The initial lineup of the band was Tim MacIlrth, Zach Blair, Mr. Precision and Tony Tantari. The band never performed live with this combination. It produced a self-demo EP with the name of “Transistor Revolt” in 2000. In 2001, the name was changed to the present day name.  
Their first album “Unraveling” was released in 2001. Next year, they released another album “Revolution Per Minute”. They toured extensively to support their album and also took part in the warped tour in 2003. They released their third album “Siren Songs of the Counter Culture” with the mainstream recording company “DreamWorks Records”. This album provided them the required breakthrough and they reached Billboard Top 200. The album received positive review from most of the critics and Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) certified it gold. They performed in various American tours as well as in other countries to promote this album.
Their fourth album “The Sufferer and the Witness” was released in 2006. The album reached top 10 in Billboard charts and around 48,397 copies of the album were sold in the very first week. The critics raved about the album and termed it as the true representation of punk rock. The fifth album “Appeal to Reason” took the band to newer heights. It sold around 64,700 copies in the first week and reached to number 3 on the U.S Billboard Charts. It was not well received by the critics but was a commercial success. Their latest album “Endgame” was released recently. It hopes to break all the previous records.
Rise Against is on a tour to promote their latest album. In it, they have supported various issues rising in American society in general and in the whole world overall. They have supported homophobia for the first time in their songs. The band supports various causes and they endorsed Vans Shoes in 2007. They are totally vegan and the company strictly follows workplace laws.
Rise Against has been appreciated by the critics many times for their efforts. The band was nominated for MTV Good Woodie Award. In 2008, the band won “Top in Rock Award” and in 2009 they won Best Animal Friendly Band by PETA.
Rise Against is among the few bands which has made their place in the music industry in a very short span of time. They realize their social responsibilities and promote their causes in a very optimistic manner. We hope the world will be a better place after listening to songs like theirs. Fans all over the world are waiting anxiously for their tour to start. Buy Rise against Tickets to see them perform live and promote their good and positive work. Be ready to chant “Rise! Rise! Rise! Rise!” all along.

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