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Among the crowd of so many musical groups and bands today, there are only a few whose work can be called as quality and who enjoy critical appreciation as well as public popularity at the same time. One of such great musical bands is Reel Big Fish, who have the potential to create wonders with their music and actually bring a change in modern music scene.

About Reel Big Fish

American ska punk band Reel Big Fish is based in Huntington Beach, California. The band started producing music in the year 1992 and it was then that they gave their first demo called In the Good Old Days. Their first album entitled Everything Sucks brought success for the band and they started getting recognized as an emerging young talent in the field of music especially punk music. In the very same year they signed a contract with the Mojo Records and this paved way for their success. In the year 1996 they released another album entitled Turn the Radio Off under the supervision of another label which gained them popularity among the listeners of ska punk music. It won a gold certification and after such successful ventures the Reel Big Fish decided to go on a tour through America.
The tour started another chapter in the life of this band and it was then that they entered the main stream music scene and became popular throughout the world. They earned 57th position on the Billboard Charts and stayed there for thirty two consecutive weeks. In the year 1998 they took part in a movie named Basketball and won further recognition. In 2002 they entered the rock band charts after the release of their song Where Have You Been? In the same year Carlos de la Garza and Tyler Jones joined the band. The former worked with the band for one year i.e. 2003, in California at the House of Blues and after enjoying considerable amount of popularity the concert was released as a part of The Show Must Go Off series. On the other hand Tyler Jones appeared in the music videos of the solos Monkey Man and Where You Have Been? , and played with the group till the year 2005. Later on John Christianson, who previously played with The Forces of Evil.
Reel Big Fish released its fourth album titled We're Not Happy 'Til You're Not Happy in the year 2005 and after a year a 3-disc live performance CD/DVD was released of the same album. After signing contract with the label Rock Ridge Music the band released its first studio album entitled Monkeys for Nothin' and the Chimps For Free. Fame, Fortune and Fornication was the second studio album that they released in the year 2009 which contained ten songs. A Best of Us for the Rest of Us was another album that the group released in 2010 and after a year A Best of Us for the Rest of Us (Bigger Better Bonus Deluxe Version), came into lime light. In 2009 the Reel Big Fish performed at the The Grove in Anaheim.
Apart from their own work, Reel Big Fish also gained much popularity in associated acts that they performed with other artists. Some of the significant ones of such acts were performed with The Forces of Evil, The Littlest Man Band, The Scholars, Suburban Rhythm, Jeffries Fan Club, Zebrahead, Nuckle Brothers and Spring Heeled Jack USA.

The world of music invites you to witness a performance that is unique yet contemporary. Its uniqueness sets it apart from others and makes your evening a memorable one. The Reel Big Fish Tickets are your gateway to enjoy an evening which will surely elevate your mood and will take you into the realms of imagination.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:I need to buy fish tickets for my whole group of friends. Can we get around 17 tickets side by side?

A:You have to browse Reel Big Fish Tickets to find this out. Normally more than 5 tickets are easily available side by side.