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Hailing from Santa Barbara, the reggae-pop band Rebelution warranted serious buzz in the music industry with their debut EP album. The four-member group comprising of vocalist and guitarist Eric Rachmany, keyboardist Rory Carey, drummer Wesley Finley, and bassist Marley Williams is driven by their passion for music. It's one of those rare bands who want to produce quality music and are not interested to get on the bandwagon of mainstream success. The quartet met for the first time in college and their easy lifestyle encouraged them to produce music that would represent optimism and freedom. They attracted youth by their inspiring, engaging music that always left a vibe that nothing is impossible in life. Though the four-piece received instant success they opted not to cash on it and went on to perform at local shows.

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Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Rebelution Town Ballroom Buffalo Wednesday
1/10/2018 7:00 PM
Rebelution Upstate Concert Hall Clifton Park Thursday
1/11/2018 8:00 PM
Rebelution The Strand Theatre - RI Providence Friday
1/12/2018 9:00 PM
Rebelution College Street Music Hall New Haven Saturday
1/13/2018 9:00 PM
Rebelution Penns Peak Jim Thorpe Sunday
1/14/2018 8:00 PM

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About Rebelution

Rebelution was formed in 2004 and was lead by the founding member Matt Velasquez. Though Velasquez penned most of the songs on the band's debut album, he decided to disengage himself from the group soon after its release. Having strong roots in Cali-Reggae, the foursome found inspiration in all kinds of musicians. They grew up listening to various genres such as hip-hop, rock, country as well as pop music. Each member brings with him his own influences and the diversity is visible in their compositions. Some of the artists that have helped Rebelution shape their style include Dredg, Gentlemen, Barrington Levy, Sublime, Incubus, 2pac and Don Carlos. The quartet has sound work ethics and they have managed to build on their solid roots-rock foundation through intelligence and constant evolution.

When Rebelution released their EP album in 2006, the music lovers were stirred by their beautiful lyrics as well as the perfect balance between the instruments. The melodies seemed to be in sync and nothing appeared out of place or overdone. The powerful vocals added more depth to the words that gave a message about right and wrong. This sensational band owes most of its success to its brilliant songwriting. After putting themselves on the map, Rebelution embarked on an extended one-year tour. During this time they were approached by several popular recording labels but the four-piece passed on all offers. Through this move they proved that they were not in for a quick climb to temporary success or to make headlines. The band felt that if they signed with a label they would have to compromise their creativity as well as working style. They solved all problems by forming their own record label, "87 Music". The musicians wanted to stick to their mantra of "keeping it real" and were adamant on staying loyal and committed to their roots.

In 2007 Rebelution treated the eagerly awaiting fans with their first studio album, "Courage to Grow". Debuting at number four on the Billboard Reggae Charts, it took the music lovers by storm. Rachmany's melodic voice and Finley's drumming managed to retain the traditional reggae shuffle feel. The fusion of reggae-rock riffs with mellow roots rhythms along with captivating bass lines helped them produce some classic tracks. The bands experience on the road has inspired them to constantly explore the art of music as well as to improve their technical abilities. The album includes many sensational tracks like "Safe and Sound" and "Green to Black". Both the songs are melody-driven and the soothing sounds completely mesmerize the listener. The album comprises of songs that are best listened to while going on a drive or when a person wants to stay in and "chill-out". After receiving great response from the fans, the four-piece went on a two-year tour. While they were entertaining the audiences with their live shows, their tracks were ruling on iTunes as well as several radio stations.

With their sophomore effort, Rebelution crafted another winner that was full of vibrations and pulsating melodies. "Bright Side of Life" was released in 2009, in collaboration with Controlled Substance Sound Labs. The quartet once again proved the reason for their popularity and their inclusion in the most promising bands list. The album showed their progression as musicians and successfully followed its theme of encouragement and positivity. Rebelution incorporated fresh elements to the compositions that showcased their diversity and the desire to try something new.

The four-some spend a lot of time on road and have established themselves as great performers. Their concerts are full of ardent fans that can't help but groove to their music. Get your Rebelution Tickets now and catch the superstars in live action! It'll be a lifetime experience.

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