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The passion and love for the music and beats is truly within the soul of the youth these days. The same passion excited a duo from Montreal who thought of forming a band, Purity Ring, in 2010. Corin Roddick and Megan James formed the band and at the tender age of 21 and 24, the great following of their band emerged in no time. Although both played instruments before conceiving the band but now during the live performances, Roddick uses tree-shaped custom built instrument and the custom made dresses are the icon of the band.  James wrote many lyrics which initially she did not want to be released in public but soon it turned out to be quite a success. Both Roddick and James were the members of the band Born Gold earlier called as Gobble Gobble. They got their big break from the band by practicing and experimenting on beat making and electronic production. Later this practice encouraged him to move forward and form Purity Ring. The debut song “Ungirthed” gave a huge break to the band and thus the single was released in 2011.

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About Purity Ring

In April 2012, the band thought of signing with the media company Last Gang Records in Canada and for the worldwide promotion under the banner of 4AD. The debut album Shrines was pronounced to be released in July 2012 thus grabbing the focus of the entire media towards them. The great success comes when the hard work and dedication is poured in. The album reached number 100 on the UK Albums Chart in US and reached number two on the Electronic/Dance Albums. On Billboard 200 the album reached number thirty two and thus inspired the music lovers. In such a pithy time the Purity Ring has simply grabbed the hearts of millions and is still committed to attract many more.
Many claim Purity Ring as a band that moved from the bedroom music to the whole world. James’ languid and haunting voice accompanied with wobbly bass of Roddick all made the magic work like wonder.  With the winning praise of Shrines and the truly praise worthy light and music show coming up, Purity Ring is committed to impress their audience and present a show that will take their hearts away. With the beats attracting the clubs and the attraction of modern hip hop culture, Purity Ring tickets are the best choice of the season. Megan’s remarkable voice simply takes the breath away while the ecstatic journey begins when the melodious voice is accompanied by Roddick’s chopped beats thus complementing each other like anything. The vocals of Shrines are simply worth dying for as one truly gets hooked to it and could not separate oneself from it. The band has simply presented a universe of its own kind and forcefully demands visitation and exploration.
You too can be the part of this great music experience as Cheap Purity Ring tickets assure a time worth remembering. With presentable outlook the young duo is making a great leap in the punk scene of the music world. With a rapturous reception that it received instantly, the band has brought a new flavor which has to be relished before it gets too late. Catch your share of music fun as the performance is worth attending with beats and lyrics simply unforgettable. Each performance is very carefully planned and detail and care is taken to give a truly complete music experience to the indie lovers. The aura is created not just with fine lyrics; outclass beats, tactile images, hybrid musical instruments and the most important of all, the light effects. These all elements make the performance worth visiting and that is the reason why many people yearn to be the part of this experience once again. Brace up yourself as the band is coming your way soon with the unforgettable show, hard for you to resist. The upcoming release of the album Shrines is yet a big leap for the band with the focus on emerging with music that is special in every way. Do not miss this chance and be the part of this energetic and youthful experience that you will love for sure!

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