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Would you consider yourself a fan of punk rock music? If you do, then you must never pass on the chance of going to see a concert which features bands that specialize in his amazing music genre. If you have been waiting for the next time that you would be going to another concert then you are in luck because Propagandhi is coming to town and you can among a number of lucky people who will be going to see this iconic Canadian puck rock band perform in front of a live audience.

About Propagandhi

Considering their remarkable music career, they have certainly been recognized for their amazing live performances and people who have had the honor of seeing their performances will tell you that it was a very memorable experience. If you have never been to any of their concerts that you will have no idea what exactly you are missing out on. It is true that regardless of how much you hear from someone, you can never really know what all the fuss is about until you experience something yourself. Well this is your chance to see this legendary band perform live for yourself. All you are required to is to purchase your Propagandhi tickets at the very first opportunity that you get.
Propagandhi is a band that hails from the city of Portage la Prairie in the country of Canada. Their musical career started back in the year 1986 and they have been rising on the ladder of fame ever since. Over the course of their illustrious career, they have been associated with two music genres which include punk rock and heavy metal. All of their earlier work revolved around punk rock music but their recent releases have shown their tendency of creating much heavier and technical music. Their new found love for heavy metal was the reason behind they have been releasing a number of excellent heavy metal songs.
Propagandhi has worked with a number of different record labels to release their music in order to ensure that they successfully reached their audiences wherever they might be throughout the world. The band today comprises of two members of the original line-up that the band started up with all those years ago. These two people are also the founding members of the band and they go by the name Jord Samolesky and Chris Hannah. Hannah is the band’s lead singer and he also is an excellent guitar player. He has been involved in almost every single one of the songs that the band has released throughout their history. Samolesky is the band’s iconic drummer and he also provides back-up vocals in a number of songs.
The band’s current bass guitarist joined their ranks back in the year 1997 and has been with them since. He goes by the name Todd Kowalski and his skills at playing the bass guitar has earned him quite a reputation among the band’s massive fan-base. He also is a source of back-up vocals whenever the need arises. Last, but not the least, the band includes the talented guitarist and singer David Gallas and he joined the band back in the year 2006 and he has achieved quite a lot of fame ever since.
Propagandhi has released a total of six albums over the course of their careers. Their first album was released back in the year 1993 and was titled How to Clean Everything which received a number of favorable reviews from a number of renowned critics throughout North America. Their next album which was titled Less Talk, More Rock was considered an even bigger hit as compared to the previous album. Their next three albums which were titled Today's Empires Tomorrow's Ashes, Potemkin City Limits and Supporting Caste show just how they changed their style in order to make music that was much more detailed as well as focused more towards a metal theme. The change was described as being the finishing touch to the already popular brand of music that they play. Their most recent album titled Failed States topped the Heatseekers chart when it came out in the start of September in the year 2012. Propagandhi has been known for their excellent live performances. If you purchase your tickets eariler, you may get yourself cheap Propagandhi tickets. Hurry up while the offer lasts.