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Propagandhi & Comeback Kid tickets bring two Canadian rock bands to delight the rock enthusiasts. Both the rock bands hail from Manitoba and have a prominent position in the rock circles. Known for their intense rock music they promise to bring passionate performances and rocking music on stage to give their fans an entertaining time. Propagandhi came together in 1986. Starting from punk rock, the band has come a long way and their music has over the years developed influences from heavier rock. A gradual shift to a more technically heavy sound has been evident in their music. The band’s music and lyrics are always meaningful and with their music they support causes life human rights violations, sexism, racialism, capitalism etc. Committed to their beliefs, Propagandhi voices them through their music. The catchy music and satirical lyrics create the perfect blend to get the message across in a forthright manner.

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About Propagandhi Comeback Kid

It was the two members Chris Hannah and Jord Samolesky who initiated the move to form a band. After a performance with a band named NOFX, the front man Fat Mike signed them to his label and it was him that they recorded their debut album. The first album by Propagandhi was released in 1993, titled How to Clean Everything, under the label Fat Wreck Chords. The coming years brought more music and more touring that added to their popularity. Propagandhi by now had developed a particular style and came up with long explanation about their songs hence mocking themselves they named their second album Less Talk, More Rock.
The album was released in 1996 with the same label.  The album had a more political tone. The punk rock band also donated the proceeds of this album to activist groups. However the major shift was noticed with the release of their third album, Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes, released in 2001. It was also the time when Samson left the band to be replaced by Todd Kowalski. Kowalski aggressive writing made the political views of the band stronger. The album was released with their own label G7 Welcoming Committee Record. In 2006, Glen Lambert joined them. Chris Hannah, Jord Samolesky,Todd Kowalski and David Guillas make the current four piece band. The foursome over the years has come to be known for their highly volatile lyrics, political stance and intense rock music.  Propagandhi continues to tour bringing its passion on stage much to the delight of their fans and Propagandhi & Comeback Kid concert is going to be no different.
Another delight for the fans on the upcoming concert is Comeback Kid, another rock band sharing the stage with Progagandhi. Comeback Kid made its humble beginnings in 2002. It was Andrew Neufeld and Jeremy Hiebert,both members of the bandFigure Four who came together along with Scott Wade and Kyle Profeta to form the band. Andrew and Jeremy wanted to experiment with a different music style than what Figure Four offered. Initially the idea was to start the band as a side project to but with time it became more than that exceeding everyone’s expectations. The name is an inspiration from Hockey player Mario Lemieux’s coming back to the NHL. Comeback Kid released its first debut album, titled, Turn It Around in 2003. After the debut came number of tours that included tours with high profile hardcore bands. Their 2005’s album Wake the Dead was a success that peaked at number 27 on Top Independent Albums. The LP titled Symptoms + Cures found a lot of appreciation in the hardcore circles and was well received by fans.
With subsequent releases the band has built a reputation for giving intense hardcore music. It has etched its name as one of the leading hardcore bands with its intense melodic passionate music. While delivering such music it continues to expand its horizons beyond the confines of modern hardcore. Comeback Kid experiments with new music elements to keep its music fresh and unique. They draw influences from 90s skate punk and other acts but want to focus on heavy music with melodic vocals. Their intense live shows have helped them increasing their fan base.
If you want to see Propagandhi & Comeback Kid show make sure you have the tickets well in time. Not many would want to miss the opportunity that features the two rock bands therefore cheap Propagandhi & Comeback Kid tickets may be difficult to secure but if you hurry you just might be in time.

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