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It is the time when Pointfest is all set to light up the fire on the stage yet again. Fans go wild as some of the best rock bands ignite the flames through their power-packed performances. This bi-annual event is all but unpopular, as alternative rock lovers flock from everywhere just to catch a glimpse of their favorite rock bands and stars perform live for them. Join in all the mayhem as your favorite rock stars descend on earth just to fulfill your deepest desires. Buy your Pointfest tickets today and make your friends jealous of you. Pointfest tickets are likely to be sold out the minute they become available in the market.

About Pointfest

For years and years, our favorite rock stars have been entertaining us through their wonderful live performances. Pointfest is a celebration of their art. It is an outdoor rock festival that began back in 1993. Initially, it was held on an annual basis. As time went on, the hosts realized that once is just not enough for all the rock fanatics out there, they decided that the show would be entertaining its fans twice a year. The show is hosted by none other than Missouri's number one radio station 105.7. This alternative rock affair is held at the Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre. Every year the lineup of the show changes, creating a diversity of performers adding an element of freshness to the show every time. Pointfest is one placed where you can catch all your favorite bands performing live just for you. Almost every rock band in the United States has been part of this one of its kind rock festival, making rock music lovers have the time of their lives.

Pointfest festival consists of three stages in total. Renowned musician dominate the main stage and bedazzle the audience with their energizing performances. The other two stages are located somewhere at the sides of the lawn. One of these stages is reserved for local bands only. The job of these side stage performers is to keep the audience entertained until the main stage artists arrive and wrap their fans in the chain of entertainment. The side stage performers get the rock act started somewhere around 10 am in the morning and keep on delivering their best up until somewhere like 6 pm in the evening.

Pointfest knows that there are plenty of rock fans out there who are desperate and hungry for listening to the best of alternative rock, which is why Pointfest has a seating arrangement for 7,000 music lovers. The venue also has a lawn seating arrangement capable of having an audience of 13,000. Originally at the time of its inauguration the venue was called, UMB Bank Pavilion and Riverport Amphitheatre and was inaugurated right at the beginning of the 1990's. For five years the naming rights for the venue remained with the UMB Bank. In 2006 naming rights were acquired by the Verizon Wireless after making a purchase for it in the year 2006.

Since 1993, Pointfest has been showcasing the best in alternative rock music. It also serves as a platform for new upcoming talent in the field of alternative music. It is considered to be one of the most important and popular music events in the nation. Including rock bands such as, Ludo, Modern Day Zero, Gravity Kills, No Doubt, Third Eye Blind, Green Day, Creed Red Hot Chillie Peppers and The Urge this event is definitely the place to be for all alternative music lovers. Book your Pointfest Tickets in advance as they are likely to get sold out very quickly and enjoy to the maximum.

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