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When it comes to grunge music, Pearl Jam will always be looked upon as one of the most crucial bands to define the genre, especially during the nineties. surfacing in 1990 the Pearl Jam has garnered a huge fan base for itself from around the world. What better time to celebrate their ongoing, continuous success for two whole decades then to put up a live show unlike any other. In the spirit of completing twenty years the band has decided to go for a concert so watch out as 2011 will be a yearlong celebration of the band's twenty year history. If you happen to be a diehard fan of the Pearl Jam then make sure to book your PJ20 Weekend tickets from us right away!

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PJ20 Weekend will feature Pearl Jam with The Strokes, Queens of the Stone Age, John Doe, Mudhoney, Star Anna, and Joseph Arthur besides many others. The main attraction remains Pearl Jam are loved by millions of fans across the globe. It is much more than just an exalted band of the era of its heyday and the band is constantly touring and selling millions of albums around the world. Stemming from Seattle, Washington the band the American ro9ck band’s lineup includes, Eddie Vedder as the lead vocalist and guitar player. On bass guitar fans get to see Jeff Ament. Mike McCeady is the lead guitarist; where as Stone Gossard is on rhythm guitar. Matt Cameron from the band Soundgarden is the band’s current drummer. Together Eddie and his company have gone on to release plenty of albums and hit singles.
Distilling metal. punk and classic rock together the Pearl Jam was spilling musical beats on the radio waves that were soon to captivate listeners across the nation. They released their debut album one year after formation, the name “Ten” and contained songs like, Jeremy and Even Flow. The song having dark lyrics captured the attention of audiences and brought the band just the sort of attention they were looking for. Spreading like wild fire in terms of popularity the Pearl Jam became lynchpin for fans of the Northwestern alt-rock scene. Tickets to their live events are sure fire sellers so make sure to get your hands on the pj20 weekend tickets as soon as possible.
During the earlier stages of formation the band was heavily criticized for being a corporate cash-in on the alternative rock explosion. To prove this allegation wrong the band made deliberate attempts to not adhere to the tried and tested practices adapted in the music industry. In 2006 the Rolling Stone described the band as having "spent much of the past decade deliberately tearing apart their own fame.” Till date the statistical results show that the band has done a superb business by selling more than thirty million records in the U.S alone and around sixty million around the world.
Outlasting many of its contemporaries from the alternative rock era of the nineties Pearl Jam is looked upon as one of the most influential bands of the decade. This gives them reason enough to celebrate their unwavered success throughout its twenty year history so make sure to see them in person when they get on stage this time around for their pj20 weekend show. The band was catapulted to amazing heights of stardom, making the band members all uncomfortable. Receiving four awards in a row for videos, “Jeremy” the band deci9ded to not make any more videos as Veder felt that the music videos did not allow the listener to create visual images in the mind, barring their own comprehension of the song.
Over the years the hype created for grunge music may have somewhat faded away but the love Pearl Jam fans have for the band and their music is still high. Growing in terms of music and experience the band has managed to give a string of hits which have all helped in keeping the band up and alive on all air waves. In case you want to attune your ears to Pearl Jams newest sensations or the old classics, then the PJ20 weekend tickets are just the thing for you, so come, grab them!

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