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All those looking for a live rock concert should consider attending the upcoming Pinback concert. The indie rock band was formed in the late 90s by a couple of multi-instrumentalists, songwriters and incredible singers. The ensemble stands tall on the shoulders of Rob Crow and Armistead Burwell Smith IV. The group is known for featuring a number of well-known drummers in the past years such as Mario Rubalcaba, Tom Zinser and Chris Prescott who is currently associated with the band. Pinback has 14 years experience in the music industry and before forming the group, each member was involved in individual music projects.

About Pinback Tickets

In the past years Pinback had the opportunity to work with some of the best record labels of the industry such as Touch and Go, Ace Fu, Temporary Residence Ltd and Absolutely Kosher. Other than that, the band members are also known for sharing the stage with several other musicians and bands of the industry, including Systems Officer, Optiganally Yours, Three Mile Pilot and Goblin Cock. This time the group will be performing by itself. In order to enjoy incredible rock music in a stupendous atmosphere, you need to get your cheap Pinback tickets today.
Right after the band’s formation, Pinback came up with its debut album This Is Pinback which received nice reviews from music sites such as Pitchfork Media and Allmusic. Some of the songs like “Loro” and “Tripoli” helped the ensemble attract a good amount of fan following nationwide. The first record of the group did a reasonable business and Pinback was now ready to make some more music. In the early 2000, the band’s second studio album Blue Screen Life was out on the shelves. The album received excellent reviews from Sputnik Music and several other rating associations of the industry. With each album Pinback began to move one step ahead and the ensemble’s third studio album turned out to be the first  to hit the US charts. So far Pinback has released around five studio albums and the most recent one is Information Retrieved which came out in the market a few months ago. Hopefully all you rock lovers will be getting a chance to enjoy their brand new tracks in the upcoming concert. Just grab your Pinback tickets as soon as you can.
Pinback is known for providing its fans with the best rock experience possible. Every time they get on the stage, they sound fresher and more charged up than ever before.  Their musical style is catchy and upbeat, because of which some of their songs have also been featured in movies and TV shows such as The O.C and Elizabethtown. Some of their singles that have garnered a lot of media attention across the world consist of “From Nothing to Nowhere,” “Penelope” and “Fortress b/w Todo.”
Apart from releasing a number of studio albums, Pinback is also responsible for a popular compilation album titled Nautical Antique and several other EPs. In the upcoming concert the band will be playing some of their all-time hits along with a number of latest songs. All you people are getting the opportunity to purchase tickets at economical rates, so what’s with the waiting! You can now reserve your cheap Pinback tickets from our site. The band will be entertaining you all with its signature guitar riffs and let’s not forget the flawless drumming notes by the popular drummer Chris Prescott. The entertainment level is going to be far beyond your expectations in this one. Many of the seats have already been taken by the rock music listeners. If you too wish to be a part of the upcoming musical event, delay no more in getting your Pinback tickets.

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