Pierce The Veil Towson Tickets

With over a million fans on Facebook, Peirce the Veil is a band whose popularity is growing by leaps and bounds every day. They have quickly grown from being a local band to being a global sensation. This post-hardcore band came together in 2006 and was originally put together by two brothers Mike Fuentes and Vic. So if you have a taste for progressive rock and you just can’t seem to get enough of it, then don’t forget to pick up your Pierce the Veil Towson tickets.

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About Pierce The Veil Towson Tickets

Cheap Pierce the Veil Towson tickets are now available for all their fans out there. The band members include Mike Fuentes on the drums, Vic Fuentes on the lead vocals, guitar and keyboards, Tony Perry on the lead guitar and Jaime Preciado on the bass and vocals as well. They have released three albums to date, namely A flair for the Dramatic, Collide with the Sky, and Selfish Machines last year in 2012. They have been on more than 25 global tours since 2007 and have been appreciated for their work across the globe in various countries. They have recently performed in South East Asia as well. So don’t give it a second thought; the only thing more amazing and mesmerizing than their music is hearing it music live in concert. Put everything on a pause, call up your friends and order your tickets now.