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Pennywise is a punk rock music group based in Hermosa Beach in California in the United States of America. The band was created in 1988. The name of the band was taken from the famous novel if Steven King which has a monster called It, in the story.

About Pennywise

In 1991, the band released their self-titled debut album, and in 2005 released the album The Fuse. The band released an album after every two years between the period of 1991 till 2005 on the famous Epitaph Records which is a music recoding label company that is owned and managed by the guitarist, Brett Gurewitz of the music band of Bad Religion. Since the time the band was formed to date, the group has successfully released a total of 10 studio recorded albums. The last album of the band was released in 2012 known as All or Nothing. The band also released two EPs, a live album and one DVD.
The first two albums of Pennywise were super hits and critically acclaimed. They did not receive the same excitement with their other albums till 1995. In 1995, the band recorded and released an album titled as About Time. All of a sudden, they were back in the limelight as this album ranked on the 96th slot on the famous Billboard 200 charts and also on the 55th rank on ARIA Charts of Australia. One of the major reasons why the band found such fame was because the music genre of punk rock was growing immensely in the decade of the 1990s. The success of the band was shared by other bands that had the same music genre such as The Offspring, NOFX, Green Day, Rancid, Sublime Bad Religion and Blink-182. By the time 2007 came, the band had effectively sold more than three million records of theirs all over the world. This statistic of the band created them as being one of the most hit independent punk rock bands of all time. 
From 1996 till 2009, the lineup of the band remained the same. It comprised of Fletcher Dragge (the guitarist, Bryon McMackin (the drummer, Jim Lindberg (the lead vocalist and Randy Bradbury (the bassist). The original lineup of the band was maintained until 1996 when the unfortunate death of the bassist Jason Thirsk who committed suicide because of his issues with severe alcoholism. After the demise of Jason Thirst, Randy Bardbury joined the band as his replacement. In August 2009, the lead vocalist of the band, Jim Lindberg finalized his decision of leaving the band. In February in 2010, he was replaced by Zoli Teglas of the Ignite band. Finally this new lineup of the group resulted in them recording their 10th studio recorded album which was released all over the world on the 1st of May in 2012 and titled as All or Nothing.
The main musical genres of Pennywise comprise not just of punk rock but also, melodic hardcore and skate punk. The band has been active in the music industry since 1988 till the present day. The music recording labels that they have been associated with have been MySpace Records, Theologian Records and Epitaph Records. They have performed in some rocking associated acts with bands such as The Black Pacific, Con 800, Chaos Delivery Machine, Ignite and One Hit Wonder. This is a superb time for you to get Pennywise tickets and experience a mind blowing live music concert.
The style of the band majorly comprises punk rock; however it does include certain music elements from various other genres such as 1990s grunge music, crossover thrash/metal and alternative rock. The songs and the lyrics of the band have their prime spotlight on moral wrongs as well as politics. This can be greatly sensed in their songs such as “The Western World” and “Land of the Free?”  The discography of the band includes Land of the Free (2001), Pennywise (1991), About Time (1995), Reason to Believe (2008), Straight Ahead (1999), Unknown Road (1993), The Fuse (2005), Full Circle (1997), All or Nothing (2012) and From the Ashes (2003).
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