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Pennywise The Street Dogs show is a punk rock concert by two American bands. Pennywise is California-based band, formed in 1988 that takes its name from a Stephen King novel by the same name. The band is best recognized for their 1995 studio album titled About Time that topped at number ninety six on Billboard 200 charts, while peaking at number fifty-five on the ARIA charts of Australia. They earned mainstream success as their intrigue in punk sound increased during the nineties along with other acts joining the genre that included Sublime, The Offspring, Green Day, Bad Religion, Blink-182, Rancid, and NOFX.

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About Pennywise The Street Dogs

The Street Dogs are a Boston-based punk rock group that was formed in 2002 and released its first album titled Savin Hill the following year. They released their second studio album Back to the World in 2004 which turned out to be a much bigger success than its predecessor so that the band received significant critical acclaim in the United States, Japan, Europe and also got offers to tour with well-established punk acts such as Social Distortion, The Briefs, The Bouncing Souls, Millencolin, Bad Religion and Tiger Army. They also toured the nest year on Vans Warped Tour, after which they went on their first ever headlining tours across the United Kingdom and the United States. Together, the two punk rock bands have created much anticipation for their upcoming performance, prompting fans to already grab hold of Pennywise The Street Dogs tickets.
Pennywise, who are soon to play at the Pennywise The Street Dogs concert, released their first album in 1991, following which they kept releasing a new album every two years through Epitaph Records till 2005, in which year they issued their eighth studio offering The Fuse. To date the group has released ten studio albums of full-length, two EPs, a DVD and a live album. Their first two studio offering won much critical acclaim but still could not be said to have made it big until the release of About Time with which they entered the punk rock mainstream all over the globe. And by 2007, the group had reportedly sold more than three million records worldwide on their own, becoming one among the most independent successful punk groups of all time.
Between 1996 and 2009, the lineup of Pennywise  remained constant with Jim Lindberg as vocalist, Fletcher Dragge as guitarist, Byron McMackin as drummer and Randy Bradbury as bassist. The group kept its initial lineup until 1996, which is when Jason Thirsk, their original bassist committed suicide. By August 2009, Lindberg was leaving the group and was replaced by Ignite vocalist Zoli Teglas in 2010. The new lineup made their tenth studio album titled All or Nothing, releasing it in mid 2012.  With a long list of album releases, the group will have much to offer at the Pennywise The Street Dogs performance.
The second act of the upcoming Pennywise The Street Dogs show, The Street Dogs currently comprise of Mike McColgan as vocalist, Pete Sosa as drummer, Toba Bean III as rhythm guitarist, Marcus Hollar as lead guitarist and Johnny Rioux as bassist. To date the band has released five albums including Street Dogs in 2010 State of Grace in 2008 and Fading American Dream in 2006. Over the years, they have also been keen on making music of the songs Savin Hill, Back to the World, You Alone, Final Transmission, Rattle and Roll, Two Angry Kids and Punk Rock and Roll.
The group has been very active in performing live; in 2011 they played an acoustic show alongside Tim Mcllrath, Tom Morello, Ike Reilly and Wayne Kramer in Madison. As a treat for their fans, Street Dogs have made many compilation albums including recordings of their tours such as New Noise, Warped Tour 2008 and Warped Tour 2005, among several others. Get some cheap Pennywise The Street Dogs tickets and be there to celebrate punk rock with the two legendary bands.

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