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You favorite alternative rock and southern rock artists Paterson Hood is coming again to your very own city so make sure that you don't miss his upcoming performance. He is the creator of hit singles like “A Blessing and a Curse”, “Never Gonna Change” and “Your Woman is a Livin Thing”. Hood has released nine studio and two live albums with his band Drive-By Truckers.  Come and enjoy this rocking evening by getting Patterson Hood tickets now.

About Patterson Hood

Patterson Hood was born in a music family. His father name was David Hood, he was the bassist for acclaimed country and soul music group based in Muscle Shoals, Alabama called Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section. David Hood is respected by musicians across the US, he is an inductee of the Alabama Music Hall of Fame. David has also worked with other seasoned artists like Frank Black, The Staple Singers, Bob Seger, Paul Simmons and Cat Stevens. Patterson Hood started playing music while he was just a kid. By the time he was eight he had already started writing his own songs. By the time he was fourteen he was playing in a local underground country rock band. Patterson was in college during mid 80's and he formed his own band named Adam's House Cat with fellow musician and roommate Mike Cooley. The band earned some good reviews from critics and also won Best Unsigned Band competition that was organized by Musician Magazine. Adam's House Cat was disbanded due to some issues and Hood moved to Athens, Georgia.

While Patterson Hood was living in Georgia he again teamed up with to form another band in the year 1996 by the name of Drive-By Truckers. The duo was joined by other fine musicians like bassist Earl Hicks, drummer Matt lane and Mandolin player Barry Sell. Drive-By Truckers released two studio albums namely Gangstability (1998) and Pizza Deliverance (1999). These two albums were not very successful but the third studio album Southern Rock Opera (2001) was a good one that got the band noticed by audience as well as the fans. This album earned nationwide applauds for the group and also helped them to sign a recording contract with Lost Highway Records. Thos album included singles like “Guitar Man Upstairs”, “The Southern Thing”, “Days of Graduation” and “Dead Drunk and Naked”.

The fourth album was Decoration Day that was released in 2003. The Dirty South was the fifth studio album by Drive-By Truckers. Released in 2004 this was the first album by the band that managed to hit the US Billboard charts at #174. After this four more studio albums were released and all of them entered the Billboard charts at various positions. A Blessing and A Curse (2006) was at #50, Brighter Than Creation's Dark (2008) at #37, The Big To-Do (2010) at #61 and Go-Go Boots (2011) at #35. The last two albums also managed to enter the UK charts at #61 and #58 respectively. Patterson beside the band has also released his solo works. He was able to collect some of his acoustic recordings and release them as his first studio album named Killer and Stars. After a gap of quite a few years this was followed by another studio album named Murdering Oscar (And Other Love Songs). Most recently in 2012 Hood has released his third studio album that is titled Heat Lightning Rumbles in the Distance.

Patterson Hood is a seasoned musician and is enjoying a successful career as a band musician as well as a solo artist. His latest album is getting favorable reviews from critics and listeners are admiring his fine compositions. You must not miss this upcoming concert of Hood and the good part is that now you can get cheap Patterson Hood tickets.